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23' mini-trawler
by Schucker

Janice aboard Seaweed,
living the good life afloat...

Trawler life on a nickel budget is possible.
I'm doing it and you can too.

Janice Marois, nautical journalist.
Accredited member of Boat Writers International.

The Money page
Thriving on very little

Aphorism Alert:  Age gives you an excuse for not being very good at things that you were not very good at when you were young. Thomas Sowell, born 30 June 1930.

Thriving on very little

~ listed chronologically, as posted ~

  1. The Big News

  2. Growing Lentil Sprouts

  3. Boatyard Blues

  4. Making the Right Choice

  5. Why Be Normal

  6. Progress on Engine

  7. Spices

  8. Heaters Debunked

  9. Men Buy, Women Shop

  10. Kindle Reads

  11. In the Head

  12. Unconventional Money Making

  13. Blue-Water Boats

  14. Engine Update (swapping motors is complicated)

  15. Cooler Handle Repair

  16. Manatee Moves

  17. She runs, however...

  18. Bilge Pump OUCH

  19. After Easter (pot luck idea)

  20. What Used Boat?

  21. Prop Problems (lesson learned)

  22. How to Access Galley Storage

  23. Processing in Pressure Cooker (Preserving Meats, Part Two)

  24. Solar Regulators (Standard vs. MPPT)

  25. Anatomy of a Gulf Crossing (departure planning)

  26. Expert Advice versus Intuition (spare parts inventory)

  27. Deal Breaker (galley gear in thrift store)

  28. Budget Boating

  29. Bearing Bad News

  30. Water System and Filter Fix

  31. Mosquitoes (engine room vent screening)

  32. DeWalt Drill Fix

  33. Budget Spice Shelf (costs less than $1)

  34. Outboard Option

  35. Ten Dollars a Day

  36. Survey a Free Boat

  37. Showers Aboard (water saving tips)

  38. Leaving Steinhatchee (and engine update)

  39. Renting versus Selling

  40. Hayes is Here (bell housing update)

  41. Sewing Kit Saves Time

  42. Warm Fuzzies (winter bedding)

  43. Whew! Engine O-U-T

  44. Music aboard Seaweed (Alzheimer's too)

  45. Bookbinding for Beginners

  46. Bandwidth Blues (internet afloat)

  47. Kindle versus Fire (nail polish too)

  48. 5 Pounds of Shrimp (how to find discount diesel)

  49. Stabilize a Hard Dinghy (inexpensive how-to)

  50. Sewn Up (shopping bag repair)

  51. Toilet Tissue (aka TP)

  52. Warranty Paperwork (SeaSense bilge pump)

  53. Planning for Adventure (cruising guides)

  54. Sausage and Cheese Stuffed Peppers (new canning theory)

  55. Laundry Hauling Made Easier

  56. Decadence Required

  57. Anchor Ball

  58. Screening My Hatch (eBay advice)

  59. Marinizing the Cooling System of a Tractor

  60. Project Management

  61. Heat Rises and Mildew Grows (finding discounts on Amazon)

  62. Hatch Cover How-To (Sunbrella and Tenara too)

  63. Is a $20k Boat too Costly?

  64. Venues to Sell Unwanted Stuff (de-cluttering)

  65. Change of Light Bulbs (LED versus cheap)

  66. Job Creep

  67. Engine Debacles

  68. Little Things (hobby afloat)

  69. Making a Shelf (and paper towel holder)

  70. Refrigerator Latches

  71. Canning 10 Pounds of Chicken

  72. Backing Plates

  73. Backing Plate Concerns

  74. Rescue Tape Saves Boats

  75. Vinegar Cleans Pans

  76. Foaming Soap Dispenser (how to)

  77. Waterproof 8 Gauge Butt Connectors (make your own)

  78. DIY Bigelow Teas ( and engine swap update)

  79. Making a Treasure Chest

  80. Electric Drill Repair

  81. Freezer Ice Bag

  82. Making a Towel Rack

  83. The Birds (ordering iced coffee)

  84. Air Conditioning

  85. Hoops and Loops

  86. Toy Bails Dinghy

  87. Gutenberg Books (for free)

  88. Fast Window Curtains (a thrift store recycle)

  89. Turn-Key versus Fixer-Upper

  90. Watermaker Wish Coming True

  91. Missing Medicines

  92. Sharing Plants

  93. Drying Damp Books

  94. Upside Down Tomato Plant How-To

  95. Summertime Computer Woes

  96. What to Wear

  97. Anchor Locker Leak Fixed

  98. Handy Heater Review

  99. Five Dollars at a Time

  100. Alternator Bracket Pattern (how to)

  101. Dock Lines from Halyards (snubber too)

  102. Voltage Meters for the Batteries

  103. Tablecloth becomes Screens

  104. Scallions - Second Life

  105. Fixing a 24-hour Clock

  106. Perfect Eggs - Eggy Timer (no reefer advice)

  107. Making a Laptop Stand (and computer advice)

  108. Hiding the VHF Hole

  109. Grandma's Egg Salad

  110. Repairing Veneer

  111. Sun Damaged Fabric Fix - Curtain Repair

  112. Energy Efficient Christmas Lights

  113. Frog and the Red Tide

  114. Saving on Kleenex (handkerchiefs)

  115. Diverting Portlight Drips (paper towel edition)

  116. Clean and Soften Old Ropes

  117. Petroleum Jelly aboard a Boat

  118. Inexpensive Handle Fix

  119. Tool to Extend my Reach (back-scratcher)

  120. Removing Blood Stains

  121. Inexpensive Draft Stopper

  122. Multimeter Repair

  123. Microgreens Shopping List (part 1)

  124. Microgreens Shelves Installed (part 4)

  125. Microgreens Aboard Seaweed (series)

  126. Preventing Injury, Step Edition

  127. How Shaft Keys Work

  128. Keeping Hands Flexible

  129. Credit Card Compromised

  130. Apple Cider Vinegar VS Fruit Flies

  131. Bilge Oil and Water Removal

  132. Cheesecake (easy no milk/no bake method)

  133. Inexpensive Fan Option

  134. Screen Solution (newest version)

  135. And in Conclusion (#6 in series)

  136. Power from None to Now (the complete series)

  137. Apple Options

  138. Witch Hazel

  139. Watermaker Woes

  140. Thermostat and RJ11 Troubles (Mistakes were Made, Part 4)

  141. Grainger's has Parts (Mistakes were Made, Part 6)

  142. AC Install from Hades (Mistakes were Made, complete series)

  143. A New Computer

  144. Before Hurricane Ian Arrived (part 1)

  145. After Hurricane Ian  (part 2)

  146. Before and After Hurricane Ian (parts 1 and 2)

  147. Madeira Beach Nautical Flea Market

  148. Nicole Necessity (grapnel hook)

  149. Dawn Detergent

  150. Expensive Tomatoes

  151. Brokenhearted on 27 February 2023

  152. Fixing Amazon Links

  153. 50A Power Cord Option to Save Money


  155. coming soon


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