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Date: 9 November 2021. Holiday Cards.


Update: My newest (updated to Win10) netbook no longer charges. Thus I've been switching over to yet another netbook, this one with an XP operating system. That has presented some "interesting" challenges, especially with regards to Search within folders. I will be looking for someone who can replace the charging port gizmo thingy on my Win10 computer.

In the meantime...
To me Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season. One thing I love about this time of the year is exchanging cards with friends and family. Christmas cards are such a delight. It is a shame that the tradition seems to be waning. I suppose with the increased cost of postage that is understandable. Therefore I am grateful for those cards that arrive in my mailbox.

I recently received a Halloween card from my friend *Pam.

*Pam is a gem. She has been posting comments on my articles for years. Thank you again Pam! Those comments have been incredibly motivating. A while ago we exchanged addresses and have been  mailing Christmas cards back and forth ever since. I love that too.

The Pirate candy corn shown on the Pam card is so cute! I must confess that candy corn, pumpkins, and Indian corn by Brach's are all particular favorites... The Brach's brand is a winner.

If you would like a peek at a previous Halloween aboard
Seaweed, you might like the
Halloween 2018 article.

Cards are a part of my decorating too.

In 2019 I made Christmas card inserts utilizing a book printed in 1939. The Book of Fishes from National Geographic had been water-damaged due to an open portlight combined with an afternoon rain shower. Though many would have rightfully disposed of the book, I decided to reuse the undamaged parts of said book.

I took pictures from the 80-year old fish book, then pasted them onto shapes cut from an old chartkit. Each side of the chart piece had something special chosen from the fish book.

Initially I had intended to hang these as ornaments during the Christmas season, then use them as bookmarks the rest of the year. For a time they looked pretty nifty on my aft window, providing privacy as an added benefit. A friend named Tom recently told me his is still displayed on the refrigerator in his house.


Each year of late (isn't retirement wonderful?!?) I make something small for a few friends to include in their Christmas cards. In past years I've made stars, the bookmarks, and last year a Scandinavian folded star. This year, well, I'm not certain what I'll make though I do need to start ASAP!

2019 Fishes bookmarks


←2018 3D folded star

 Scandinavian star 2020→


In all probability I will make some sort of bookmarks again this year. Reading brings me great joy. Though I primarily use my Kindle, books have always been a large part of my life. It is fun to make my own bookmarks, both for me and to share...

Memory Lane: Decades ago we boat brats would make things for each other. Parents too were the recipients of various items we created. I remember making bookmarks more than one year for everyone in the anchorage.

Pretty pictures glued to out-of-date charts make an unusual bookmark. I like using them.
These are nautical. The bonus is that they offer a bit of privacy, both for me and the neighbors.

Rearranging the decorations aboard Seaweed is nice too. Watching visitors spot something interesting that they had never noticed before always makes me smile.

Christmas cards, are a special part of the holiday season.

I don't know how many folks still send cards. It seems that my card list shrinks each year as more folks disappear. The cards I receive are hung in the aft cockpit window.

Two friends sent complimentary sandpipers one year:

Thank you to Cheryl and Irene for the lovely Christmas cards.

Over the years I have displayed cards in a variety of ways.

The pictures from that 1919 book were cool. I thoroughly enjoyed
looking through the pages and picking out favorites to keep and share.

I must confess that I do look forward to this time of the year. I've already begun playing my Christmas music. Hearing Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Dino, Louis Armstrong, and more makes my life all the more joyous.


This truly is the best time of life, except for when I was
raising my kidlets. Those were an amazing all-too-few years.

Christmas cards are a fun way to decorate in a small area...


I will admit that I do reuse Christmas cards. For instance, birthday
cake card from my friend Kim above was saved and turned into a postcard.

Later a neighbor wanted to send cards to his friends for the holiday. As I had plenty I offered him the card collection. He even picked one for me... yep, the birthday cake card came to me, TWICE!

This is such a wonderful time of the year. Just tonight one of the neighbors put up some outside icicle lights for Christmas. I've seen other decorations along the causeway. I suppose we can all use a dose of cheer. Though customarily I have decorated on the Friday after Thanksgiving, I am not certain I'll be able to hold out that long this year...

In the meantime, life aboard Seaweed progresses. I have come to realize that my initial wariness of WinXP was warranted. Search within folders is really REALLY dreadful. Hopefully this week or next I'll be able to get the last netbook repaired. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the autumn weather. This truly is the nicest time of the year.

Thank you for reading.

Do you send Christmas cards to friends?
Do you have a special way to display the cards you receive?

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Aphorism Alert:  The Dallas Morning News condemned the city for erecting a "downtown holiday tree," noting sarcastically that "synagogues everywhere are dusting off their holiday candelabras." Carol Platt Liebau on Townhall.

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