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Date: 19 November 2021. Apple Options.


Of late the apples found at local grocery stores have been delicious. Like many I enjoy snacking on apples, however there are ways to notch up the plain old apple. Today I will share my three favorites. Two are healthy, while the other is not.

Unfortunately I do not always make wise eating choices:

Winn Dixie is a grocery store chain that sells apple turnovers.
Frankly the dessert treats are "too sweet" however they are easy.

Those apple turnovers are part of the reason I regained most of the weight I had kept off for years. Remember the article A Day of Reckoning... Well, I am back on that plan again and slowly (turtles walk through molasses in a snow storm at a faster pace) the weight is coming off. I am feeling a bit better too.

The problem is that I like lots of things that are not particularly good for me. One component of my getting healthier program is eating fruit, and not in the form of an apple turnover!

First I peel the apple. I have an old fashioned peeler and it works great.


Though  I have been told repeatedly the skin of an apple contains the most nutrients and vitamins, I have never been fond of that part. One of the benefits of being an adult is I don't have to eat the icky parts.

After peeling I cut into slices and chunks as if I were baking an apple pie.


Next I dust with ground cinnamon. Cinnamon is also good on sweet potatoes/yams.


Then I sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar across the apple slices.

You might note that the sugar seems chunkier than that white stuff most folks use.

The sweetener I prefer is called Demerara (aka Turbinado) Sugar. It is more flavorful than regular sugar.

This *sugar is definitely chunkier. I often find this near the Spanish foods in the grocery store.

*There are two similar sugar products. I'm not enough of an expert to tell the difference between the two. What I have noticed however is that whichever one is placed near the Spanish food section is less expensive than the one found on the sugar/baking aisle.

Side Note: If you purchase dried lentils, definitely look for them in the Spanish food section. Lentils cost less than a dollar a pound over there versus where  all the fancy "American" dried beans are shelved. Should you want to know what I do with lentils, read the Growing Lentil Sprouts article.


After sprinkling the apples with cinnamon, sometimes I forgo the sugar. Certain apple varieties are sweeter than others. For instance, both Gala and Fiji are much sweeter than Red Delicious apples. Gala and Fiji are in my opinion fine with zero added sugar.

If you prefer tart apples, you will want the green Granny Smith variety:

Katja's galley is so cozy. I have a similar oil lantern above my sink too.

This batch has zero sugar and is heavily spiced with cinnamon.

I have come to prefer more cinnamon than when I was younger.

If I have opted to purchase Red Delicious from the grocery
store, those get microwaved with both sugar and cinnamon added.

My microwave is the smallest sold at Walmart, requiring just 700 watts. Often I opt for an item simply because it requires less power than another. My *installed inverter is rated for 1000 watts, so that is my limit.

*I do have a 1200 watt pure sine wave inverter in my locker. That unit is not installed as of yet. Both were bought from The Inverter Store.

But I digress...
With my 700 watt microwave I nuke (cook in the microwave) the apples under a cover for 4 minutes. Those with larger, more powerful microwaves should try three minutes on high. Then test for tenderness.

I consider the fancy apples a dessert.


Nuked apples are one component in my eating healthier program. I described that plan in my A Day of Reckoning article. Because fresh apples are so plentiful during autumn I hope you will enjoy my methods of preparing them for yourself.

Memory Lane: Mother made the absolute best apple pie I have ever tasted. The only person who has come close to the apple part is my friend Lynn. She gifted me a jar of apples that tasted the same.

Lynn's Apple Sauce:


Many attempts at replicating the flavor of Lynn's apples were tried. I yearned for an easy way to make Mother's apple pie filling. My microwaved efforts are not quite as good as Mother's however they are definitely close enough.

Aboard our 40'er we seldom used sugar. Often store-bought items are too sweet. The peel and spice with cinnamon makes a treat worthy of being called dessert without the necessity of an oven. And no, I do not have an oven aboard Seaweed.

Once in a while I consider getting a toaster oven however there really is not space. When living aboard all but the largest of yachts, space is always a consideration. Choices are the  key... what do I want more? For me that meant a microwave versus a toaster oven.

Unfortunately I have too often chosen apple turnovers rather than a more healthy option. Argh!!! I'm working on that.  Wish me luck.

Thank you for reading.

What is your favorite way to eat apples?
If you have both a microwave and a toaster oven, which do you prefer?

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2021, 2023

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