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Date: 4 August 2018. Julia and the Fabric Postcard by Jan.


One of my favorite *people anchorages in this region is over by Gulfport. The anchorage is windy so I have plenty of power via my wind generator. The best day to visit is Tuesday. That is when Gulfport hosts an Arts, Crafts and Farmer's Market. It's folksy with a surprising variety of goods offered.

*People anchorages offer businesses, restaurants and supplies close to the dinghy dock.

Given a full refrigerator, plenty of water and time, I would prefer to be in a remote anchorage where I can enjoy the world without the presence of commerce. Of course I also want wifi.




Gulfport is a quaint town. Many shops and small businesses line the main downtown road. That street leads from the waterfront casino due north for a few blocks to the public library. A previous article titled Gulfport, FL weekend dockmaster Tom details some of the delights this town offers.


Along with many artist offerings at the Gulfport street market on Tuesdays, there are fresh fruits and vegetables, plus food vendors. The best part however is meeting fellow visitors. One such person I met is Julia.

Julia and her mom were visiting the same Tuesday I was there.

Julia used to work down at Cabbage Key. I'm heading there later this year.

This is the entrance to Cabbage Key:



CABBAGE KEY is on the Gulf coast.

There is a restaurant on Cabbage Key


Tuesdays in Gulfport there is an arts and crafts festival. I enjoy looking at the creativity displayed in these shows. It was there that I discovered a wonderful artist named Jan Farr. She had a sidewalk display filled with all manner of tempting items.

My favorite by far was a quilted fabric postcard featuring a Papillon! My Skipper is part papillon.

Jan of http://farrandabove.com touched up the card, making the fur black just like Skipper!


Eye candy otherwise known as papillon pictures:

Angus aboard Evan

Each card is quilted, embellished, and simply wonderful.

The artist makes other items. Visit her website at http://farrandabove.com for more delights.

I was admiring the card when Julia and her mom gifted it to me. What a wonderful pair of ladies they are!!!


The quilted postcard is a work of art. I love the wording on the fabric "You had me at Woof."

A stitched ribbon banner reads "All of me loves all of you" (Love is actually a heart charm.)
The dog has a collar with a paw print charm. Seashells adorn the corner along with a starfish button.

What I love most though is that this is a reminder of new friends made.
It was a special day in Gulfport, thanks to Julie, her mom and the artist Jan.

The piece is temporarily hanging on the bulkhead in the aft corner of my dinette where I see it while working.

When I get the permanent mounting I'll frame it. The goal is to securely display this piece for while underway. 

What I intend to do is through bolt a small cleat on both sides of the bulkhead. Outside the cleat will provide a place to suspend a fender. Inside that cleat will serve as the hanger for a wooden frame. That frame will hold the quilted piece. 

Years ago there was an ugly 12-volt light on that bulkhead. I removed the light. Unfortunately there is a hole in the liner from the wiring. This papillon quilted piece will conceal the hole. Nobody will know it's there, except you!


I especially like this because it is small, beautiful
and useful. Best of all it reminds me of Julia.

If you get a chance to visit Gulfport, try to do so on a Tuesday. I would go so far as to suggest this weekly event is worth scheduling into your plans. The anchorage is best when the winds are from the north. From any other direction there could be considerable fetch. There is a sand bottom and I had great holding.

Recently Gulfport has been installing moorings. I do not know when the field will open, nor prices.

Be safe, and happy cruising.

Thank you for reading.


ADDENDUM:  I had originally sent via text messages copies of the photos taken of the gals. When I uploaded this article I sent them both an "Ahoy" text. It was such a treat to hear back from both Julia and Jan.

Jan's been busy painting. Here is a peek at a few of her little angels...

Jan Farr's website:
These are just 4" square.  What a nice treasure to tuck away for a *just-because gift.

*Just-because gifts have no reason other than as a tangible representation of friendship. That sort is a particular favorite, though honestly I am a woman. Presents are always good. J.

Have you ever stopped in Gulfport on a Tuesday for their festival?
What other farmer's markets and/or craft fairs have you visited along the waterways?


2018, 2023

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