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Date: 2 August 2018. Cinnamon Apples.


Summertime is hot and humid. Having a refreshing snack available is always a good thing. As mentioned in the A Day of Reckoning (the diet) article, I've been on a plan to get healthier. One component is to eat better foods. I recently discovered a real treat. It is simple and easy to prepare. Best of all, I like the taste.

This is not fancy. It is inexpensive. The taste is scrumptious too.

Here is how I make Cinnamon Apples aboard Seaweed.


I like sweet apples.


There are innumerable apples sold at grocery stores. I prefer apples that are crisp and refreshing. The three varieties I favor are:

#1) Red delicious
#2) Fuji apples
#3) Pink lady apples

My favorite is Red Delicious.

I suspect that there are other sweet apples sold in different regions of the country. Most of the time there will be a label on the bag that will indicate sweetness. If you see the word "tart" think "sour." I would not buy a tart apple.


My cinnamon apples are a treat. They are a slice of decadence afloat!


Because I do not want to add sugar to fresh fruit I opt to start
with the sweetest apples I can find. Red delicious is my preference.

First I peel all the skin off using a knife.

Later I dug out my potato/carrot peeler. The peeler also works great to skin apples.

This is a Fuji apple. It has a pink and golden skin. Fujis are smaller than Red Delicious apples.

Next I slice off bite sized pieces. I leave the core intact.

The skin and core are thrown away. Apple skins float so I dispose of them ashore.

After the apples are cut into bite sized pieces I add a dusting of powdered cinnamon.

What I call powdered cinnamon is labeled as Ground Cinnamon on the container.

I am not sophisticated enough to understand cinnamon quality. For me, the least expensive is fine. I found some at discount dollar stores that tastes a-okay. What I prefer however is a container with smaller holes at the top.

Sprinkle the cinnamon atop the apples in a bowl.

Next, shake the bowl or stir the apples. I prefer the apple slices to be well coated with cinnamon.

Finally, I will pour the apples out into a serving dish.

Presentation has a lot to do with the enjoyment of food.

Taking my cinnamon apples out of the plastic mixing dish and placing them in a pretty milk glass bowl makes a world of difference to me. I would naturally serve guests a treat in something lovely. Therefore I do the same for myself.

Soloists all too often make an effort for others and not for themselves. I put in the time for myself, just as I would for a visitor aboard Seaweed. A pleasing presentation notches up a plain apple eaten off the core.

Decades ago I knew a lady aboard a boat named Esprit. Her name was Kay. Every time she served anything, it was done with an understated elegance. Even something as simple as oatmeal on the aft deck was accompanied by a dish of fresh berries. Always it was that way. Though she has been gone for years, I still remember how special she made me feel.

This is Dale and Kay's boat M/V Esprit:

There is nothing fancy about sliced apples with cinnamon. What there is however is a flavor I find wonderful. Because I have a refrigerator my apples are chilled.

Cinnamon Apples are a perfect treat for a sunny afternoon at anchor.

To you and yours, happy boating.

Thanks for reading.

Do you add cinnamon to your apples at snack time?
And, what other fruit is a favorite at present?


2018, 2023

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