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Date: 16 August 2018 Laundry Bag (and Captiva Island)


A while back I bought the prettiest blouse at a thrift store. The problem was the decorations on the shirt. They would not survive a trip through a washing machine. Even hand washing was perilous as the buttons snagged on my scrubber. The inexpensive dollar store laundry bags won't work because the holes are too large. Thus I needed to upgrade. Here is the solution I implemented.

These are the fancy doodads that can snag:

The blouse in question is lovely. Like all of mine, it is white.



This blouse is dressy. It features cut-glass beaded decorations. My friend Cheryl spotted this while we were on one of our outings. Though not solid white because of the colored baubles, I splurged. The shirt is a gem.

Cheryl is a gem too. I love to go bargain hunting with Cheryl. She found the embellished blouse I bought.

 Me and Cheryl at lunch


Years ago I suffered through a disconcerting shopping event. That experience was a shocker for me. It was not something I would have ever expected. Details about the shopping trip can be found in the
Deal Breaker (galley gear in thrift store) vignette.

You really have No Idea how nice it is to have a female friend who likes and
understands boat life. Plus Cheryl is cool. She takes amazing photographs too.

This is one of Cheryl's pictures of the Captiva Beach Walkway. It is terrific.


CAPTIVA is on the gulf coast of
Florida, just south of Tampa Bay.

Cheryl also took this picture of a
walking along on Captiva beach


But I digress...
Fellows may wonder why I focus on clothing. To some of us gals it is an important part of who we are. When we appear in public folks rightly or wrongly do assess us by our wardrobe. We do not have to be Sunday-school perfect, however clean and respectfully attired does make a difference in how we are treated.

For instance, at most public docks I find folks friendly. They are curious as to my life afloat as it is not typical. I view the questions asked as an opportunity to share what it is like out here. People truly are so nice...

On the other hand, were I to show up at the dinghy dock in filthy torn clothing, sporting a cigarette hanging out of my mouth with a few crumpled beer cans in the bottom of the dink... well, I doubt if the reception would be so friendly.

Dressing nicely is fun. Just ask my princess who met Mary Poppins at Disney:

This is Princess Sarah aka my Grand.

Being neat and tidy in my thrift store clothes
gives that all-important good First Impression.

Wearing only white shirts means decision making is kept to a minimum. The top shirt in the stack is what
I wear. However the one with the spiffy decorations needs special handling when it comes to washing.

The problem is those fancy doodads on the blouse snag everything. Cheap wash bags have big holes. I was afraid the shirt would be damaged because of the purple embellishments. That is why I went to Walmart: to upgrade from a dollar store laundry bag.

Walmart had a much better quality one. I chose the Evercare Delicate Garment Mesh Bag affiliate link)

This bag has a much finer mesh than the cheap ones. Nothing snags on the contents. Everything is kept safely inside the
Evercare Delicate Garment Mesh Bag. Water flows through it very nicely too.

Most important of all, my shirt comes out clean and undamaged.

Doing laundry aboard Seaweed has been a chore. A few months ago I bought a single drum washing machine from Amazon. Sometimes I hate it and sometimes I wonder how I lived without it so long. And the rest of the time I wish I had not wasted $60 of my perfectly good money on it. But that's another tale for different day.

For the curious, here is my Best Choice washer. The pretty shirt is inside the bag in the washer.

The washer affiliate links contains a few other shirts and a skirt too. I'll do a review of the machine
later. For $60, it's okay. But I'd rather have the money because this thing takes A LOT of room.

Side Note: The description of the
Best Choice Portable Mini Washing Machine with Drainage Tube 6.6 lb capacity on Amazon was wrong. The size was inaccurate. I'd already pitched the box so shipping it back would have been problematic. I wish I had done so anyway. $60 is a lot of money for something that doesn't fit where it was supposed to go.

All that said, when it comes to washing sheets, it does a
great job. Then I am happy with the doggone thing. Argh!

So that's it from here. Life progresses. There is always something new to divert my attention.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

Do you have a washing machine on your boat?
And, are you glad of it? (Call me Ambivalent on mine)


2018, 2023

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