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Date: 12 April 2015. Laundry Hauling Made Easier.


Besides hauling water out to the boat, doing laundry is one of those onerous tasks that must be done. It is definitely not a favorite activity. I have washed my stuff aboard by hand and though that works, it is not exactly fun. A bigger boat would allow a washer and gosh there are times when that sounds just about perfect.

My nickel budget knows the greater the waterline the more costs incurred.

Doing laundry in my sink is the norm... First I get the sink clean, then do my laundry.

Washers and driers exist on shore. It is sometimes easier to haul it all in and find a laundry. Besides, many marina laundry rooms are adjacent to the swap shelves for books and DVDs. Those always interest me! I even found a book to share with a sailor I know the last time I did my clothes.

Have you ever noticed how much more you can find when doing a big laundry run? That piece of fabric that keeps the sun out "might as well" be washed. Ditto the sponge from the galley sink, the lace curtains and more. In any event when going to shore I often end up with a big pile.

The last time I went in, this was the result:

All of that needed to be hauled back to Seaweed. That is too much for my delicate self (stop laughing) to want to carry. Fortunately I have an old luggage cart. Found in deplorable condition at a thrift shop for $2, I snapped it up.

Luggage Carts are Necessary Boater Equipment

Stowing my luggage care is easy. It tucks away nicely by my step on the starboard side.


Thrift shops are a fun, practical and inexpensive source of boat gear. You have to hunt for the good stuff. For me, that is part of the enjoyment. And I like a bargain. Being prepared for less than pristine condition helps too.

All that said, the savings realized by buying used can be significant. Paying full freight (retail prices) for certain items simply will not work on Seaweed. Besides, being frugal in one area allows me to splurge elsewhere. And this is a challenge I enjoy.

That is why I keep in my purse note cards: I always have a list of items that would  be nice to have, but not at full retail prices. See the 3x5 Cards article for details on my system.



I am glad to have a rolling luggage cart aboard Seaweed.


The luggage cart was initially purchased so I could easily get my propane tank to shore. The tank when empty does not weigh a lot but add the propane and it is significantly heavier.

I have loaned my cart to fellows going to make fuel runs. One of the fuel runs netted me that nifty long bungee cord that I now use to keep stuff from falling off.

But mostly, since "we're from the government and we're here to help you" decided my fiberglass propane tank was unacceptable... Well, I use the cart to haul laundry.

And yes, the cart could stand another coat of Rustoleum flat black paint. This is a boat. There are always things to do.

Stowed, it resides between my starboard step in the pilothouse and the galley locker just aft of there. Sometimes it is used frequently and then for a time not at all.


A luggage cart is a useful boat item and prevents back aches too.


All of that laundry, once washed and folded needs to come home. Carrying it is not an option -- not if I want to be able to move tomorrow. And that is exactly where my cart comes into full value. Heck, I might even go so far as to say it might possibly be worth paying retail... but probably not!

After a long walk and a vigorous playtime, even Skipper is ready for her ride home. She's not spoiled, not much at least. It's times like these that I'm glad my First Mate weighs in at less than five pounds.

Happy cruising to you and yours.

Have you a rolling cart for hauling groceries and/or boat gear?
Does yours fold?

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