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Date: 4 September 2013. Lonely No More.


As a soloist, living alone can at times be quite daunting. When things go wrong there is no one to help. Having nobody to share life's successes with is frustrating too. Then a friend told me her solution, and it was simplicity itself. Irene has been living on Katja for many years. Katja is a pretty Valiant32. Irene's boat is so homey too!

Irene's home, anchored in Fort Pierce, FL (one of many places she visits)

Side Note: Without a doubt Katja is as fabulous inside as shown above. When aboard other boats I love learning the ingenious ways boaters have come up with to stow their gear. What's nicest about a woman-owned vessel to me though is the little touches such as framed photographs on the bulkheads or locker doors. It's those relatively minor things that turn a basic boat into a home. Women as a rule excel at updating the standard man-cave boat into a home. Irene's boat is lovely inside and out!

Irene and I were chatting one day and she mentioned her method to fight the blues. It's as simple as picking up the telephone. Each day call one person just to talk. Nothing special in mind, merely a touch-base sort of thing....

Since I've begun (back in May 2013) I can't tell you how many folks who seem pleased by the minimal effort it takes. Some calls last five minutes and others, well, I am woman!

I call Irene too!


The thing is, in this area (Gulf Coast, panhandle of Florida) I have yet to pick up a VHF Radio Net -- nothing. Quite frankly it was lonesome out here. Irene's idea was a true blessing. Thanks sailor!

Try it yourself and I'd love to hear what you think of the process.
What do you do to keep away the loneliness?

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2013, 2023

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