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Date: 2 December 2021. Making a Garland.


The day after Thanksgiving is the day Christmas appears on Seaweed. No, not in its glorious entirety however the beginning stages are underway. Over the following month new items are added. Of course my fellows Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong (Zat You Santa Claus?) and more are serenading me. Life is indeed good.

A few years back I decided I wanted to have a garland around the interior of my galley. Thus I went on eBay and found what I thought was a decent looking garland.

The green garland was way too small to be useful so I had to adapt.


Circa 2013, aboard Seaweed

You may remember that a few years back I gifted my old (old!!!) artificial tree to a couple on a sailboat. Putting up a tree became more work than it was worth, plus the 2' tall tree took up quite a bit of space on my dinette/desk.

Tina brought new life to the old tree


My solution to the tree dilemma was to change course.
Instead of a tree I decided to hang my ornaments from a garland.

The garland I bought was flimsy so I opted to make my own. Here's how:

I paid perfectly good money for those two tiny little leafy garlands. Two, and still too small. Argh.

Thus I dug into my fabric collection and came up with a solution.

The blue with white flowers and a green fabric with flowers and leaves were my best options.

My fabric pieces are mostly 10" (25 cm) square, though some are smaller. What happened is I bought a couple of skirts years ago. When I finally tired of the skirts, I ripped up the fabric into squares and a few rectangular pieces. These  scraps were intended for a quilt at some point.

Reusing items is critical for those of us on a budget. There is also a profound
pleasure in being able to proceed without spending perfectly good money.

Next I folded each piece into a triangle.

Nothing was perfectly square however that did not make a difference in this casual garland.

Then I rolled the triangle into a long strip, pinning each piece together.


The fabrics were alternated blue, green, blue, green, etc.

Small BRASS SAFETY PINS held it all together. This is a temporary use for
the fabric and is not intended to be forever part of my holiday collection.


Though definitely not Christmas colors, I do like my garland.
It provides me a place to display the ornaments that once filled my tree.

I doubt if many people even noticed the two different fabrics I utilized when
making the garland. The eye plays tricks on folks more often than many would believe.


I am still organizing all of my holiday items. The process of putting everything out takes the month of December. Plus I will be sending Christmas cards. I told you about that in the Holiday Cards article.

Music is an important part of the whole holiday season. I have my favorite songs saved from CDs long ago and still enjoy them today. Listening to the crooners of my youth is wonderful.

One of my favorite DVDs is A Bing Crosby Christmas.


Relaxing with an afternoon spot of happiness via a DVD is a great joy...


Memory Lane: A Bing Crosby Christmas DVD is filled with old timers including Fred Astaire (he had dinner aboard our boat) and Jackie Gleason (drank with Daddy and Cap'n Bob) plus others I am sure you will recognize.

If you too would like a walk down Memory Lane, I believe you will find value in watching this DVD.

Affiliate link:
A Bing Crosby Christmas DVD

The inner paperwork from my DVD:


A few years ago I made these stars out of an old chartkit.

Dear friends sometimes receive an ornament in their Christmas card.

Touching base with friends near and far is great. My best news of all is that I have a Perfect star ornament this year for friends. I am beyond excited to have found something my boat friends will like. I hope!!! Life is indeed great.

Happy Everything to you and yours. Thank you for reading.

When do you send out your Christmas cards?
And, do you remember getting loads of cards when you were younger?

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2021, 2023

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