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Date: 17 January 2020. Nifty Nantucket Bagg (plus Harbor Freight tool rule)


Last month I attended the St. Petersburg Boat Show. I had a blast. It was fun to look at all the cool gear for sale. A couple items I particularly liked. Today I'll tell you about the Nantucket Bagg. It is super nifty. I like the versatility of this canvas bag. Please Note: Nantucket Bag did not give me anything more than information when I stopped by their booth in the first tent of the boat show.

This is the Nantucket Bagg that I liked so much:


Like many of you, I have developed a very healthy skepticism of any product review that is made by an individual who got the item for free. Even the best among us would have a hard time being totally honest when there is a reward sitting in the wings.

In the interest of complete transparency, the authors of
Beachcruising and Coastal Camping (Ida Little and Michael Walsh) did gift me a signed edition AFTER I had written about their book in the Budget Boating article. I am grateful. As a side note, I still recommend this book for those of us on small boats who admire the theme of Low Cost Voyaging, but aren't quite that rich.

My copy of Beachcruising is a much enjoyed book:

It's written primarily for campers versus live-aboard cruisers. Beachcruising and Coastal Camping proves that you don't have to spend big bucks to enjoy life along remote waterways, albeit while roughing it a bit more than I would consider at present.

I am well past the half-century mark. Decadence has proven more important to me now than it used to be not so very long ago. There are lessons for budget boaters contained within the pages of Beach Cruising. I liked it, and recommend this book.

Of course boat shows have loads of new and used boats for sale. The good shows also have informative speakers and offer seminars of various aspects of boating. One feature I find interesting is my visits to the merchants. I want to know what is for sale, what new items are coming on the market, and revisit old friends too.

The St. Petersburg Boat Show provided lots of fun vendors.
Today I'll tell you about my Favorite Find at the boat show.

One tool bag quickly caught my eye. The pockets in the Nantucket Bagg were fabulous. I like pockets!

The Nantucket Bagg has loads of sections. Pockets vary in width. That is a particularly useful feature.

Materials are of tip-top quality. This is Jed. His dad designed and sews the bags.

Charlie Cirigliano is the gent who created this bag. Charlie's son Jed was there displaying the goods.

I am a bit of a fabric fanatic. Sturdy canvas is used in these bags. The handles are woven. They are wide enough that a person could carry the bag loaded with gear on their shoulder without pain. I was impressed with the quality.

The Nantucket Bagg has a long zipper that allows the bag to be turned into a bucket:

There are a ton of pockets which make stowing tools easy. If I were to become a professional boat fixer-upper, I would want something like this to corral my tools when going to other vessels.

Every time I work on someone else's boat I end up making multiple trips to get tools from Seaweed.

Additionally, this bag unzips and lays flat. How cool is that?!?


A bag like the one I saw at the boat show would be a handy item for any of us who work on projects away from our tool boxes. Those with larger vessels might indeed find a spot for this in their armory of tools. To be able to gather everything necessary for a job in one easy-to-carry container is a true blessing.

Tools and the use thereof are a large part of any live-aboard boater's life. I utilize mine several times per week. At present there is nothing critical broken. It's just all sorts of little projects take time and require tools.

That I have many tools is primarily because Daddy was a tool-aholic.

Daddy liked his hand tools. So too do I. Though old when I got them, his vise grips are my most used tool.



Well made tools will last a lifetime.


A fellow boater gave me a Harbor Freight tool suggestion/rule: He said to buy whatever tool is necessary at bargain basement prices. If it breaks AND is required again, then go out and buy the best quality item I can afford. Thus, those single use items can be cheap and serve the purpose without costing a fortune.

I do not need a big, heavy duty, expensive drill. Frankly said fancy drill would weigh too much and be too powerful for me to control well. A $10 Harbor Freight drill will suffice at present.

At some point I would like to buy a Dremel kit, but then I will have to ask the fellows for advice. I would like said Dremel to do everything (drill, sand, polish) and be electric powered. But that's another day and another article...


Not all tools need to be top-of-the-line fabulous!


Like most who have been aboard their vessels more than ten years, I've accumulated quite a few items that make my work easier. It is the esoteric not-so-often-required items that a person will discover while living aboard. Every boater will soon find their stash of boat gear growing exponentially without much difficulty.

A Nantucket Bagg could help out with storage of the most used items aboard your boat.

The handy compartments can be either on the inside or outside of the bag.

Any plain old tool bag could serve the same purpose.
Those on a budget might buy a canvas boat bucket.

Free advice: make sure your container has a light colored interior. That will make finding things in said bag, tote, or bucket much easier.

Like many however, I appreciate nice things. In my opinion the Nantucket Bagg is incredibly useful, so today I shared with you a bit about it. I hope you don't mind.

Gosh, this whole article reads like a sales pitch. It's not intended that way! I do want to point out that one of the best parts of boat shows for those of us who already have our homes is to spot new gear that would be useful aboard. In my opinion, having a soft-sided, non-scratching bag falls into that category.

Boating is not just beautiful sunsets spent at the American Legion in Madeira Beach, FL.

Sometimes it includes wandering boat shows looking for things I didn't know existed. As a woman, this is the best kind of window shopping. If you'd like more information on the canvas bag please click: Nantucket Bagg.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate that.

At the most recent boat show you attended, what stood out as an "oh, I want that" item?
And, what is your favorite purchase at a boat show?

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2020, 2023

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