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Date: 15 November 2013. Outside the Box (fire extinguisher hint)


The propane tank for Seaweed is stowed in a cockpit locker on the starboard side. It is conveniently just on the other side of the bulkhead from the stove so the hose run is short. As far as safety, storing a propane tank inside the locker is okay, as long as said locker drains overboard. Fumes are heavier than air and you do not want that stuff in your bilges. That is why mine is sealed to the interior of the boat and drains outside just above the waterline.

Across from the stove by the aft dinette bench seat is a fire extinguisher handy and ready to be used. See  red arrow in photo:

Opposite the GREEN STAR, just outside the door is another fire extinguisher.

Still, I was not satisfied and wanted a second one handy and nearby. The ideal solution would be to have it just above the propane locker however my boat isn't one of those expensive "yachts" that some folks have. What that means is that the back bulkhead of the boat is not lined. It is basically fiberglass gel coat with no "umph" -- and we need something of substance in order to mount anything!

A couple things you may have noted in the above photograph:

  1. The unit is attached to the bulkhead at the top.

  2. The black plastic mounting strap in the middle is missing and has been replaced by some string. The reason I do not use the mounting strap is that my hands are weak. I am not able to open the strap to remove the fire extinguisher. Thus, a string with a bow tie is stable yet easily opened.

Advice: If you are of a certain age (call me vintage) do make sure you can open the doggone strap on your fire extinguisher. If not or it is difficult to open, make allowances for yourself. It would be easy to miss such a thing if you were not aware of the possibility. Plus in an emergency none of us perform as well as we might wish.


Just when you think you've graduated from the school of experience, someone thinks up a new course. Mary H. Waldrip. Journalist.


Still, that fire extinguisher outside by the propane locker is not being held up by magic. There is a stainless screw involved. And what may you ask is holding the screw on the inside?

Okay, so my fish is not the greatest looking thing on the planet. It works so that is what counts most. The best fish I broke in half by not pre-drilling. This one ought to be remade. Perhaps I shall run across a fish or turtle at a nautical thrift sale and buy it. For now, my teak fish working well.

My advice is to look at where you might want your fire extinguisher and then look on the other side and see if you can create a pretty backing plate. In another place aboard Seaweed I have a whale used as a switch holder. None of this stuff is fancy and truly few people even notice it, but I know. It is important to me to create the home I wish to live in.

Do not let the desire for perfection inhibit your attempts today.
Good enough is indeed far better than waiting for that ultimate goal of perfect.

And folks who only see the flaws? They need to find a new hobby.

On some occasions I will confess to the desire for a more yacht-like home. Quickly I realize that I am quite comfortable with a boat. I am out here just like the yachts, anchoring in the same areas and enjoying the same sights. Life is truly wonderful afloat. Come on out and join us!

How many fire extinguishers are aboard your boat?
Do you have any automatic systems in place?

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