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Date: 4 January 2014. Overnight Guests.


Gosh, what a great way to start the new year! A friend called and said she had brought her boat into a marina (in Daytona Beach, Florida) and was coming across the state via car. Of course I couldn't wait to invite both Lynn and David for a visit as Lynn is one of my heroes.  I am inspired by her!

If you read the article The Log Book you might remember that Lynn was with me on the fateful day Seaweed took the Short Cut that wasn't. We did not get to the Fernandina Shrimp Festival because our trip took a mite longer than anticipated. That is not to say it wasn't a fun trip: we did have blast. Life afloat is about experiences and journeys not just destinations.  However we did have to deal with a plethora of voracious horse flies. And yes, Lynn (aka Dead-Eye) is very good with a fly swatter.

Lynn makes great apple sauce too!

Like many Lynn has had her ups and downs yet should you ask her anything the immediate response is "Yes" with the details worked out on the fly. During construction of her 40' steel sailboat her fellow passed away -- but not before he had completed some of the prettiest cherry woodwork on the interior I have ever seen. In your imagination, picture Presidential Yacht quality and you are almost right. It is truly beautiful and a work of art.

In Ainneoin is the blue sailboat to the right of the white one in front.

Still, how many would complete the task of preparing a boat to cruise, then swap out the engine and, well, lots of stuff. Building a boat is not for sissies. Lynn has both a 24-volt system and a 12-volt too so she has some power complexities. Plus, In Ainneoin is big! The name is Gaelic and means it doesn't matter.

This is a boat that requires crew, or at least more than Lynn solo so she has had friends crew whenever she wished to move to a new locale. The last captain hired became something more. Seldom have I seen two who mesh so well. And they definitely laugh a lot.


Laughter is important in any relationship and goodness knows there are blessings for being over fifty. The vision starts to go (I look fabulous fuzzy!) and the hearing is not so great either. But oh boy, the smiles just get bigger.

There is always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it.
For example, I am sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles do not hurt.


I met Lynn and David at the local grocery store where I had picked up the fixings for clam chowder. Alas, the bread was not fresh so we managed without. The food is not fancy aboard Seaweed but goodness knows it is tasty. Also if you wait until late (we ate after 8 p.m.) folks are so hungry they think whatever served is fabulous. [That's my secret but do not tell anyone.]

In the evening as we were chatting David mentioned a rather backwards area in a northern state. (I'm concealing the identity in case I ever go there.) In any event Cap'n David was saying the highest compliment a fellow can pay his girl is: "Nice tooth hun" and for some reason I laughed and laughed. The impression was that the family trees don't fork much up there!


We had a lovely visit and I look forward to meeting them further down the coast near St. Petersburg, by boat of course. They are headed for the Dry Tortugas later this winter. Lucky folks. It was fun to have visitors and Lynn and David are great fun. Still as the weather cools I do envy Lynn her David...

Men have higher body temperatures than
women and are like portable heaters that snore.

Have a great day and perhaps I'll see you along the waterways as the journey continues.

Aren't unexpected visitors a delight?
Is there a particular couple or friend you enjoy simply because of the laughter?

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