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Date: 20 March 2016. Paper Problem (having spares)

Yes I'm behind in posting the articles. I'll catch up soon. I have been busy. Plus I'm having a lot of fun. More on that upcoming too.

All ladies have sat down at some point in our lives and discovered to our chagrin a decided lack of toilet paper. It's not fun. On boats storing extras can be a problem. Having access to a spare roll simply takes a bit of planning. A nearby reachable nook is a wonderful thing. In that regard aboard Seaweed I have just such a place.

Side note: In the photo you might have noticed a handle to the lower left corner. That's a great hand-hold when the boat is a rocking.

I also keep a box of baby wipes tucked just beneath the handle.

I have found baby wipes to be a great convenience. There is always a stash onboard. Sometimes I rip them in half. One way tears easiest, depending upon the brand. Especially when it is hot and humid wiping my face with a cool baby wipe is quite refreshing.

P.S. Add water to the box. There's never enough. Start with 1/2 cup and as it evaporates add more.


Between the foaming lemon-scented soap [see the Foaming Soap Dispenser (how to) vignette] and my spiffy "oil lantern" aka Caress soap dispenser is an old brass soap dish.

It's a memory. You see the brass soap dish was a gift from *Sparrow. When I see it I am reminded of him.

*Sparrow: The name of Ken's boat.


My boat is special not just because she is wonderful. Seaweed is great because of all the memories aboard her. Little touches, gifts and such that have become a part of the fabric of my home... I love them all.


In the previous article
Toilet Tissue (aka TP) I described an awesome storage spot my friend Tom over in Georgia made for me a while back. I have pointed it out to many visitors over the years. It's the spiffiest I've ever seen.

For storing excess rolls, the cabinet Tom made was and is superb. I love the fact that it raises the bowl above the waterline. That adds a margin of safety.

Yet there was room for improvement. During those times when I am on the throne I needed another option.

Although I usually make it a point of replacing the roll before it is empty there are occasions when I do not do so. Invariably I regret it. That's why I looked around for a place out of the way in my head. It needed to be easy to reach from a seated position. And I did not want it too visible for when I'm showing the boat.

Tucked between the white Whale Gusher (brand of pump) and the hose to the deck pump out fitting was a nook just perfect for a single roll. I've tucked it in there and it is nearly invisible.

For the curious, that's my mermaid. I found her in a gift shop a few years back and thought she was nifty. Before I upgraded to sun-catchers in my portlights the mermaid hung in the window by my head.

I rather like the mermaid in the shower area though I have not settled on a permanent location for her. In the meantime she's just where you see her. She was originally intended as a Christmas tree ornament.

I took this picture a while back to show my fresh roll of toilet paper on the rack. Nifty, eh?

So you see it's like this:

Do as I say and NOT as I do.

Or more precisely, did.

I wrote this article a few nights ago. Proof-reading took place this morning. And you know, there's something that I'd been meaning to do. Guess?

The roll was empty and no spare either. ARGH!!!

At some point I'd failed to replace my spare. The mermaid's tail is pointing to the empty spot!

Well folks, as of this moment I've now got a fresh roll on the spool, and a new spare in my stash cubbyhole. I feel better now.

And with that, I bid you a good day.

If you get a chance, the beaches are wonderful here on the Gulf coast.

Side Note: There have been lots of improvements aboard Seaweed of late. Today I finished cropping several dozen photographs so the upcoming articles will have plenty pictures. That'll help. Processing pictures seems to take forever. You would think my photography would be excellent by now. It's not where I want it to be, yet.

Life afloat is wonderful. I'm having fun and looking forward to new vistas. The charts are out. OpenCPN is loaded. The lockers are nearly filled and who knows where I'll be next week...

If you happen to spot Seaweed underway be sure to give a call on Channel 16.

Thanks for reading.

Have you found a great spot for your spare rolls of toilet paper?
A neighbor puts them on the handle of his plunger?



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