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Date: 23 February 2015. Toilet Tissue (aka TP)

Bandwidth issues continue so dates are out of kilter.

For folks like me who do not get great joy from shopping, having an adequate supply of toilet paper aboard is a good thing. A few years back a friend built for me a nifty storage locker, but there is a drawback to my system, and today I'll tell you about that, and how I solved it.

Tom McArthur helped with my number one issue:
The top of the head was below the waterline.

I worried that a hose could cause flooding and sink Seaweed so wanted the head raised. As an adjunct, the locker the head sits on now stores my toilet tissue. [The right side currently holds a small AC powered fan.]

The bolts just above my TP hold the Lavac* in place.

*Lavac is a well-regarded brand of marine head aka boat toilet. It uses a Whale Gusher bilge pump versus an internal pump. When a problem develops with the pump it's a simple matter to swap out pumps.

Squishing the TP to fit into that locker makes the center part flat. It will not spin properly.

Now I've tried to make it round again but invariably the doggone thing would not dispense properly. That's when I came up with the idea to make a center spinner for the roll.

In ship's stores I had a bit of leftover hose that fit the purpose.

Sliding the roll on that little piece of hose has made all the difference in the world. From an aggravating situation I've got a roll that works perfectly. It also won't unroll in rough seas. And for the price of a piece of hose (free) I've got a working toilet paper dispenser.


Toilet tissue storage


Ideally because it is light weight toilet paper can be stored high in lockers. It is generally best to keep weighty items low in the hull which offers a more stable ride. Sailboats have keels to aid in ballast and the same principal applies to trawlers.

That said, aboard Seaweed I am limited when it comes to storage space. I want items accessible where I need them so I've opted to have the TP under the head. Squishing allows me to store more rolls in a smaller space.

Squeezing those rolls creates a problem: the rolls won't spin properly. That's why I use a piece of hose in the center. It's not ideal, but it is good enough -- and free.


In the picture you might note a hand-hold in the bottom left corner. It allows me to hold on, just in case things are rocking.

A couple of eyes and some line hold the bar (red oak) that originally was for a hand towel.

My toilet paper was to the right of the soap dispenser, but reaching... well, this is much more convenient though aesthetically it could be better.


Life is good afloat, especially when the Charmin with Aloe dispenses nicely.

Where do you keep your toilet paper?
Are you particular about brands?


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