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Date: 3 May 2015. Screening My Hatch (eBay advice)


Yes, I am working on a budget. Now there are some who would claim that in order to do something well, it must be done to perfection. Using only top quality products and name brands will generally speaking result in a better outcome. However I would rather have something today that works, even if it is not an ideal solution. And in that regard I opted to buy a screen kit from China.

Seventy years ago General George Patton said something that remains true today. He said: "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week."

My forward hatch did have a cover with screening around the bottom that worked well for a few years. Finally, this spring the material had deteriorated too much to be repaired. And believe me, I have fixed that thing many times in the past. Canvas only lasts so long when exposed to the elements.

That is why I went to eBay seeking a screen of sorts. Now I could have shopped Amazon (and I appreciate it very much when you use my links to buy stuff over there) however this time eBay was less costly.




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All that said, for the screening of Seaweed's forward hatch I opted for eBay. The prices from some of the Asian sellers were too good to pass up. I paid less than $3 delivered (specifically $2.23, circa April 2015) and am pleased with the product.



Ordering Tricks for eBay (how to save $$$)
direct website link:  http://eBay.com


There are a few things you need to know when ordering on eBay:

  1. Sometimes items from overseas can take a four to six weeks to arrive. The screen kit got here in two weeks from China.

  2. The Quality might not always be spectacular however the Value is usually fine.

  3. At the top of the eBay page is a Search box.

  4. In the Search box, type in a description of what you want using three or four words.

    At first eBay provides you a "Best Match" list of items. From there find the specific item you want.

  5. Then input in the Search box at the top of the page a few words from the title of the item. I've found many foreign sellers duplicate the titles and pictures for the exact same items.

  6. Search again.

  7. Once that list loads, just to the the right and below the Search box click "Sort by Price plus Shipping/ Lowest First".

  8. Now when you find something click on "Add to Cart" if possible. Sometimes you must "Buy It Now".

    You have not committed to anything yet. This simply puts stuff in your shopping cart. That is true even when you click "Buy it Now".

  9. Next go back to the same seller and see what they have to offer, again sorted by price. You might find something else you did not know you needed, or a gift to set aside for later.


But I digress... As springtime has arrived the ability to open the hatch above my bunk and not be eaten alive by critters is important. I knew whatever solution I found needed to be inexpensive and function well. And for $2.23 delivered, how bad could it be?


Quite frankly, for the price I was more than satisfied. I received a 1.5M by 1.3M (50" by 43") piece of flimsy netting. It's a softer the netting. Mosquitoes will not be able to fly in my cabin.


Sun damage is something we on boats in the south deal with on a regular basis. It is to be expected.

What interested me was how the screen is attached to the hatch frame. The kit included a Velcro knock-off with a glued backing. Specifically this is the rough aka the hook* side of the Velcro. The screen sticks to it and then I simply cut off the excess fabric.

*Velcro is actually the brand name of hook and loop. The loop part is soft, and the hook side was included in my screen kit.

With the extra Velcro and fabric in the package I shall also be able to do the opening window in my pilothouse. There is plenty leftover for future projects. 

1/4" Velcro leftovers on left in photo.

There's enough for another window too.


The Velcro is 1/4" wide and perfect -- narrow enough
to not be obtrusive and wide enough to do the job.


The hatch now can be opened, letting in fresh breezes and keeping out mosquitoes. I love it. And when this fabric is gone (I have lots of leftover for now) I might replace it with a better quality screening. For the time being, I am more than satisfied.

Life is good afloat, and it's bug free too.

Are your screens in frames like they were on our 40'er?
If you use a wind-scoop, what do you attach it to?

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