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Date: 28 April  2021. Seaweed's New Address.


After being based here on the west coast of Florida for so long I decided to upgrade to an official address. In that regard I rented a post office box. Best of all I have received two items already. One was a love note (is there romance in the air?!?) and the other a letter from my Grand. Life is certainly very good afloat!

First, here is my Grand, aka the Original addressing the envelope:


Grandmas love the babies. I am fortunate that my eldest grand aka The Original is an amazing young lady. She goes to a good school and enjoys classes. This year she took up the harp. I have to admit that I never imagined that any one in my family would ever do such a thing. I think she's wonderful...

Plus she sends thank you notes to me. I love that.

Thank you notes are the coolest!

I spent quite some time in CARRABELLE a while back.

On the south side of the Carrabelle River is an area cruisers can anchor for short periods of time. Frankly though, stopping at C-Quarters Marina is a better option for many. The marina offers easy access to a variety of stores (grocery, hardware, discount) along with restaurants, a library and even a post office.

A postcard from a friend at C-Quarters Marina in Carrabelle just arrived.

The folks at C-Quarters are incredibly nice. This place represents old Florida in the best sense of the term.

The front porch of C-Quarters Marina overlooks the fuel dock and south bank of the Carrabelle River. It is a great spot for relaxing in the cool breezes, solving world problems, discussing fishing spots, and general socialization. I enjoyed the camaraderie and made new friends on that porch. 

C-Quarters Marina has many amenities including a fuel dock, ice for fishermen, a ship's store, plus free wifi. The best part about the place however is the folks who congregate there. The people at C-Quarters have perfected hospitality.

One of the folks there at  C-Quarters Marina follows my website. Thanks Kim!
Apparently Vos's supplier of food and fun (Kim) has shown Vos pictures of my Skipper.


A love note has been sent by Vos to Skipper at my new address.

This fine specimen is Vos:

Vos is a handsome pup. I love his sun shades...

Receiving two personal items at the post office on a single day was wonderful.

Memory Lane: One of my favorites as a child afloat was receiving mail. When we would get some place, we would notify the post office and they would forward all our mail to a new address. Getting a month or more of mail in a single package was a Big Deal. It still is. I confess that I am inordinately pleased to have received mail.

In the meantime I am in the process of making alterations along with improving my girl aka Seaweed. Upgrading infrastructure can be costly. Still, I am concerned that if I don't buy NOW, the prices will become out of my reach, so...

A couple times a week I check my post office box for mail. So far I've received a lovely note from my Grand, and Skipper's love note. It should be fun this Christmas. I'll have a real address for mail. I can't wait!!!

Save this address if you wish to send me a Christmas card: (yes, I do love the holidays)
Janice aboard Seaweed
Post Office Box 8284
Madeira Beach, FL  33738

For foreign friends who prefer a street address, this is what you'd use:
Janice Marois
15019 Madeira Way, #8284
Madeira Beach, FL  33708

So this is my life aboard Seaweed. Currently I have an electrical issue in the pilothouse. That is taking up my time and thoughts. I ordered a new fuse block. The intention is to do a full upgrade and tidy the entire wiring overhead up there. That project has been long pondered.

I am great at pondering. For me these days are perfection.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate that.

Do you treasure tangible letters more than emails?
And, what is your most recent message in the mail?

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2021, 2023

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