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Date: 19 May 2021. Barracudas and Ciguatera Toxin.


The mangroves near Seaweed are brimming with wildlife. One of my favorite things to do is observe nature. Over the years I have had the opportunity to view a lot of fish. I told you about some of my finned friends in the Snook Surface (cold weather consequence) article. Today I will share information about barracudas. They are among my most favorite fish.

Barracuda (bare-a-coo-duh) are a predator fish. They have a mouthful of sharp teeth.

Barracuda are also delicious. I have caught them numerous times with a silver spoon lure.

That said, experts say to avoid eating barracuda because of ciguatera. According to MedicineNet.com "Ciguatera toxin is harmless to fish but poisonous to humans. The toxin is odorless and tasteless, and it is heat-resistant, so cooking does not destroy the toxin."

The full article on MedicineNet.com can be found at:



Here is a barracuda I spotted under the dock.


Details about barracuda can also be found in my Golden Guide book entitled Fishes.

Fishes is the book I use to identify fish. The illustrations are realistic.



The Fishes Golden Guide book is one of my favorites. If you chose to honor me by purchasing through the link provided pick the least expensive regardless of year published. The contents are the same in all of these. The cover changes, but everything else is identical.

The only problem I have experienced with the Golden Guides is that after 50-plus years the glue in the binding starts to fail. Silicone fixes that.


Affiliate link: Fishes (A Golden Guide from St. Martin's Press)


The quantity of poison increases in the body of the predator fish over time. As barracuda eat smaller fish with the ciguatera toxin, more of said poison accumulates inside the barracuda. It is harmless to the fish however in people ciguatera causes a rash of symptoms, some deadly.


I will say that I have eaten numerous barracuda up to about 2' (60cm) long. I would never eat one of the monster barracuda some fishermen catch. You should read about the DANGERS OF CIGUATERA TOXIN before deciding for yourself if barracuda is something you'd like to try.

Link to article: https://www.medicinenet.com/ciguatera_poisoning/article.htm

I have noticed that barracuda tend to remain in place versus swimming
 around. While staying in one spot they are always facing into the current.

The barracuda under the dock is pointed due west.

The current is coming from the west. Here on the beach that
 is a rising tide. The barracuda is resting in the shade of the dock.


Memory Lane: Although I am the world's worst fisherman, I have caught a lot of 'cudas over the years. When times were tough and the budget was tight barracuda would be on the table. The secret is to cast a silver spoon in front of the fish and reel it in. They like shiny things.

Barracuda are a white fleshed fish, flaky when cooked. They are relatively easy to clean and tasty when fried or baked aboard. Cooking over an open flame on the beach is another option. If you like fish chowder, add the leftovers and you'll be all set.

On the beach you will want to utilize a double sided metal grate or cast iron pan so that you can flip the fish over without it falling apart (or into) the fire.


I did NOT tell you to eat barracuda.

Read about ciguatera toxin warnings issued by the experts before you make your decision. Thank you.

Link to article: https://www.medicinenet.com/ciguatera_poisoning/article.htm

That's it from the riverfront. Seaweed and I are doing well. Thank you for reading.

What is your favorite easy to catch fish? I am bad at landing most food fish.
And, what bait do you utilize for best results?

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