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Date: 16 March 2017. Sharing Plants.


Tuesday was Pi Day. That is a special date because nine years ago on 3-14-2008 I bought my Seaweed. Life is wonderful aboard her. I am leading the life now that I dreamt of way back when. It's been a journey and I know I'm fortunate. The best part is that this could be your life as well.

Often people want to go sailing in paradise. It is a fantasy filled with warm waters, cool drinks, favorable breezes and a sailboat cutting along easily through the crystal clear waters. Watching dolphin play beside the boat while sea turtles poke their heads out of the water is truly delightful.

This is Janet and Keith's boat. They enjoy sailing.

The reality is that I am not getting any younger. I know, it was a shock to me too!
Stamina that I took for granted in my youth has slipped away. And I want to boat.

The how was a hurdle. Though I had grown up aboard our 40'er, I had dreams of purchasing a sweet little NorSea27 sailboat and making her my home. I imaged landings in Tahiti and beyond. The photos of the South Pacific islands are gorgeous. I was smitten.

This is the 40'er I was born and raised aboard. She was home and a dandy one at that!

The boat is 40' and Daddy built her of steel the year before I was born. She took nine months from first weld to underway. I arrived ten months later. It was a cold winter, but not every night!

The back-story about Daddy's boat can be found in this article: The Fishing Boat

Though born and raised aboard a power boat I still dreamed of sailing. The idea of "free" propulsion appeals to the thrifty side of me. That of course discounts entirely the costs of rigging and sails.

When reality set in I realized that cruising was not the part I liked best about being a boat brat. I liked the stopping. I loved diving off the flybridge, chasing fish underwater, playing pirates and Indians by myself on deserted islands, going off exploring new areas in my dinghy, reading books and painting.

This is one of the paintings I did a while back:

For the cruising life I sought the best platform I could afford on a limited budget. I set about finding my Last Boat. I found and bought her within a week, closing on Pi Day 2008.

A few years into the journey an online friend suggested I create this website. So I did, uploading the initial article on 29 August 2013. If you are curious Getting Started is the first piece I published.

Since then a lot has happened. I have made friends. Life is very good afloat. My prayers are filled with a score of people who have helped me in my journey. Folks are so nice. They really are. And boaters are a special breed for certain.


For women, often plants are a way sharing friendships afloat.

This is Kim.


When I was leaving Carrabelle  Kim gave me an aloe plant with a succulent growing in the pot. Both continued to grow.

Since then the aloe has sprouted hitchhikers (new shoots with separate roots) which I have shared with other boaters.

Janet's plant ↑ originally
was Kim's, then mine...

Meet Janet & Keith

Janet is one the folks I met as a direct result of my website. I shared an off-shoot of the aloe with her to remember me by. She recently sent a picture shown in the middle column.


Her aloe is getting big.

I still have two more aloe plants growing. At some point I will no doubt share another aloe with a boater. I'll always keep one to remember Kim by.


The legacy Kim began years ago continues... I am honored to be able to share plants, all because of Kim's talent, kindness and green thumb.


One of the best parts of boating is sharing. Plants are a way women do that.


I would not go so far as to say women always share plants though I have found the practice quite common. Mementos are lovely. Plant gifting suits my budget. A small aloe is often welcome. I enjoy sharing and the costs are minimal. Plus I like green stuff.

My website has opened me up to new friendships near and far. I post and folks read -- nearly 3 million hits so far! That total is beyond amazing to me. I am flabbergasted and delighted. Truly I am blessed.

Coming soon: picking a boat when you are like me,
i.e. older than dirt and not physically perfect either.

Thank you for being a part of my success. It is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Have you ever been given a plant for your boat?
Are you growing any produce, spices and/or flowers aboard?

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2017, 2023

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