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Date: 20 November 2020. Website Woes Resolved.


If it were not for my wonderful home, the netbook from Karl (thank you Cap'n), a new sage-green Kindle Paperwhite (birthday gift extraordinaire) and the Verizon tablet (continued gratitude to Cap'n Gary) surely I would have gone crazy during the month of October.


At first I mistakenly thought my computer issues were with the netbook that was gifted to me a few years back. I do work on it for many hours each day. A failure though unwanted could be expected due to age/usage. When my files were not opening up properly I was stymied. An article titled New Alternator Bracket was written, and then, well, nothing worked. To say the situation was frustrating is an understatement.

Important to Know: The failure is NOT online. It is in my at home working copy of the website.

The above photo was taken in 2014. Sticking out the USB port is a CORSAIR thumb drive aka flash drive.

Rather than store my working files in the cloud, I keep them on a portable Corsair thumb drive. I know "cloud" is a sneaky way of saying "someone else's computer" out of my control. To me that is disturbing. I trust myself more than a large corporation with machines goodness knows where on the globe. Over the past 30-plus years my system of at home storage has worked well for me.

For the curious geek, the file I created that first displayed
the oddity is in this folder:

New Alternator Bracket ←direct link to the corrupted file] is showing as the appropriate size. I cannot open it to tweak the html. I suspect I messed up the *i frame* part of the coding, though I really cannot be certain what caused the fiasco. That there is something wrong is apparent to me. Argh...

This picture of the Newest granddaughter summarizes well
how I often felt when dealing with the ding-dang computer files!


Many cups of coffee were consumed while attempting first one fix and then another, and another.

As long as one has to fight electronics, coffee helps. A lot of caffeine had been consumed in my efforts. Finally
I arrived at the probable cause. I came to believe the issue was not with the netbook. That was the good news.

The bad news was that in August I had replaced my Corsair flash drive with a new larger capacity thumb drive. Instead of buying another Corsair I opted for a less-expensive, no-name 16-gig memory stick I had purchased for music a couple years back. The new one was never intended for the website.

The choice to use a cheap flash drive was
a HUGE mistake. The fault is entirely my own.
The fallout was an unmitigated disaster.

This is infrastructure, and yes, I do know better. The month of October was spent attempting to retrieve an article. A lot of files on that thumb drive would open fine once. Then the next time the same files would not open properly due to *binary code issues.

*binary code: I don't even know how to write that, so naturally I am baffled. Sigh.

I should have simply given up and started over. Sometimes my determination to succeed causes me problems. I did not give up soon enough.

Fortunately, I have buddies who help keep my sanity intact as long as I keep the hotdogs coming.

Buddy is my favorite night heron.

Meanwhile the Original Grand called inviting me to holiday with her at Disney. I immediately said yes.

Thus I went away for a week. Disney is and was totally wonderful. We had overcast days along with misty rains. The only downpours were while we were inside restaurants eating. As usual, Kidlet organized everything well. She and her husband have a wonderful family. I am fortunate.

The holiday was totally amazing. Still, it was good to be home with my great blue heron Ella among others.


Upon my return I slept for a solid day. That was followed by a couple days relaxing and reading on my new Kindle Paperwhite. Life aboard Seaweed is indeed the best.

After recovering from the fun at Disney I made a renewed effort to discover what went wrong with the files and fix same. First in that regard was the purchase of two new larger capacity Corsair brand flash drives. One now holds my website.

I have found good copies of the files that were corrupted. The exception is THIS one aka the New Alternator Bracket article mentioned previously. A fresh copy of my previous backup dated 12 August 2020 was installed on the new Corsair. Everything I have done since then is now downloaded too. I am ramping up to write again.

Folks cannot imagine how frustrating it was to not be able to open my files on the home netbook. It was a mess. Now however my new Corsair is just like the old one except it has a larger capacity to accommodate more of everything.

What I need most is to get out at anchor someplace peaceful... Looking out my port side is pretty though.

The canal is beautiful. This is looking eastward at sunset. That's a big Viking sportsfish on the right.

In the meantime there are pictures to process, a huge backlog of emails, along with the normal day-to-day stuff that comes with living aboard a boat. I do appreciate so much your patience.

If any of you can make that broken file into something
usable, I would REALLY really appreciate it.

So that is life aboard Seaweed. A real article will be arriving in a few days. Thank you for waiting for me, and for reading. I appreciate both.

Have any of you experienced a flash drive failure?
And, were you able to recover your data?

Regarding the Comments Section, found at the end of every article:

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  • The capcha is case sensitive.


2020, 2023

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