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Date: 4 December 2020. Thanksgiving 2020 and Shopping.


Thanksgiving for me is the start of my favorite time of the year. I love turkey, especially the stuffing. Now that I know how to make stuffing without the bird... well, making a full turkey dinner has less appeal. However the day before Thanksgiving I was feeling young, ambitious and full of energy. A neighbor took me to Walmart.

I do so like shopping, versus buying. Fellows with a List that go into a store, follow their written list without deviation, and then head for checkout are the bane of my existence. I know... it is perhaps not a totally rough life for me!

We arrived at Walmart about noontime. The store was packed. There was a decided lack of one essential item:

Photo taken 24 November 2020, at the Walmart store on Bay Pines in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I had hoped to purchase my Charmin, Ultra Gentle with Aloe. It was unavailable though I did find this pseudo-TP.

The word "strong" in a discount toilet paper title generally means "dang near sandpaper" and isn't for me. I do admit to being a toilet paper snob. I like the good stuff. Specifically, that's Charmin Ultra Gentle in the green packaging.

Side Note: Aboard Seaweed the bottom of my head was just at the waterline. I considered this a safety hazard. Should a hose come off theoretically water could come into the boat. Also, if the head was just 6" higher she would be above the waterline.

Thus a box was constructed by my friend Tom McArthur many years ago. It raises the head those critical
six inches. Never one to let storage space go empty, that locker is where I store my Charmin toilet paper.

I continue to be thankful for the little things that turn out to be far more important
than anticipated at inception. This locker has been and continues to be a real gem.

That Wednesday before Thanksgiving however I suspect that last minute shoppers thought "as long as I'm here I might as well stock up" while doing their normal purchasing. Although I had Charmin on my list, there was none to be had.

See the 3x5 Cards article for details on how I keep track of needed and wanted items.

Recently I have become more adept
 at utilizing my phone for communicating.

I sent the gent who drove me to the store a picture of the Great Value (Walmart's house brand) TP via a text message. He did want the toilet paper, so I added it to my basket.

When shopping having the ability to send a picture to a friend in another part of the store is a real benefit. For instance, when in Winn Dixie (a southern United States grocery store chain) I spotted spaghetti sauce at what I considered a good price. I sent a picture to my friend who said "yes, please" to the price. He and his partner wanted four, so they are now well stocked at a good price...


As has been my usual practice since moving aboard Seaweed nearly 14 years ago, I begin decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving day. The first thing that went up was a gift from last year's holiday Girls Luncheon. Cheryl gave me a cool holiday dish towel. Details on our fun meal can be found in the Spinners restaurant in St. Pete (island chain) article.

One of my favorite gifts was this turtle towel:

Cheryl knows I love Christmas. She also remembered that I decorate for each season. My "decorating" is the purchase of a new galley dish towel. The turtle towel is nifty. That went up first. Thanks Cheryl!

Then I needed chocolate coffee. That is a necessity this time of the year.

Miniature marshmallows take my beverage up a notch. The marshmallows were intended for sweet potatoes.

My recipe for chocolate coffee can be found in the As Winter Approaches article.

Once shopping was complete I came home, stored my groceries then rested. I knew I would need to be refreshed for Thanksgiving day activities. Plus there is that new Sage green paperwhite and books from Gutenberg... be still my heart. I love to read, especially when the weather turns chilly.

As for Turkey Day, a neighbor had invited me to watch football and eat bird with some of the men. I declined. Instead I invited him to come to Seaweed to help put up my Christmas decorations. He opted for football. We both did exactly what we wished. I know I had a great time.

The beginning of Christmas aboard Seaweed...

Of course I'm still not done with the decorations. Not a single Christmas card written. None of the holiday crafts I send to friends and family are started. Nothing is done -- except I've finally got a new article up, so there is that.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate that.

I'd love to hear what you did for Thanksgiving.
And, when do you normally decorate for Christmas?

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