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Date: 30 January 2015. Dolphin Moment.


Sometimes I wonder about self. The other morning I was cleaning and heard a dolphin near the boat. Unlike usual, Skipper did not bark like a lunatic.  She continued to sleep under the covers on my bunk. I saw the circle in the water close by, but continued to wipe down the bulkheads. That is precisely when I had a moment of clarity.

What on earth or at sea was I thinking? People pay perfectly good money to go on boat rides and see dolphin. Had I become jaded after these few years? What is wrong with me?!?

Thankfully I came to my senses. Putting down the work rag I scooped up Skipper and we looked out the window. What we saw was adorable: a mother and new baby swimming side by side, taking breaths with each few feet. The baby is as small as I have ever seen and I almost missed it.

That will not happen again. I am fortunate to be out here and intend to count my blessings, and enjoy the view.

Have you ever almost missed something special because it was normal in your world?
What was it, and did the realization change your perspective?

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