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Date: 2 February 2015. Toasting English Muffins on a Heater.


As is much of the country, the panhandle of Florida has been beset by cold weather yet again. Last night it was below freezing. In my book 30 is an age, and should not be the number of degrees above zero! Still there is one good thing about breaking out the catalytic heater during the wintertime. That is enjoying a spot of Darjeeling tea with one of my favorites: toasted English muffins.

A couple years back Douglas, a friend on S/V Guanahani, shared a tin of Darjeeling his mom had sent over from Scotland. It is the Queen's favorite along with Earl Grey tea. Mine too, although I do also enjoy Constant Comment and regular Lipton. The specialty teas are for *special occasions.

*Definition of a Special Occasion: Any day I am alive.


I love tea. During the winter a spot of hot tea is most welcome.

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Twinings of London Darjeeling tea

I enjoy English muffins with peanut butter and eating them cold isn't going to happen. I've tried toasting them in a pan on my burner and wasn't impressed with the results. But then we had this cold snap and I decided to try using my
Coleman catalytic heater as a toaster. It worked!

First I laid a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil on top of the heater.
Then, one muffin face down on the heater. Flipping regularly, it toasted nicely.

Between the tea brewing and the English muffin toasting, Seaweed smelled like a breakfast cafe.

The muffin heated thoroughly and was "just right" for me. I added
some peanut butter -- it melted into the holes and called it supper.

When it is cold my get up and go disappears. All I want to do is read on my Kindle and stay warm. Cooking loses its appeal and I tend to graze on whatever is easiest. Today I had some celery with the muffin along with fresh tomatoes. It was not the most nutritious of days, but there was only a knife to wash so that is okay by me.

Hauling water, heating same on the stove -- well, all of that just is not my thing, especially when it is cold. Brrr. Stay warm y'all.

Is there a particular comfort food you prefer when you simply don't want to cook?
What do you put on English muffins?

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