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Date: 19 November 2015. Fighting Inertia regarding Boat Gear.


I am guilty of inertia. When it comes to finding boat gear I want for Seaweed, I am excellent. Given sufficient time I am fairly proficient at finding those desired items at a reasonable price. Buying? Please. I am woman. And a woman with a boat needs some Stuff. It is at the installation stage where things begin to fall apart.

I wish I had a dollar for every item I bought and set aside for "later"...

Undone projects become clutter. The bits and pieces cause chaos when left out. Stowed in lockers they fill space and are forgotten. Worst of all, I cannot use what is not installed. The money is spent. Unused items become clutter and that is a thorn in my contentment level.

It all starts out innocently enough. I have a Good Idea after an Ut-Oh Experience. Next I find something that is just the thing to prevent said issue. Here is an Ut-Oh situation solution:

This is a transfer switch. It would allow me easily to switch from Shore to Generator (or inverter) power.

What happened was this: I had been living on the hook aka at anchor for several months. I brought Seaweed into a dock and the first thing I did was plug into shore power. Though plugging in sounds like a Great Idea, it was not.

I had my inverter direct wired to the back of my AC panel. The inverter supplied the whole boat with power from my solar panels and wind generator. When I plugged in to shore power, the electricity back fed through the inverter and smoked it.

That is a literal "smoked it" incidentally. There was
smoke. And yes, I knew better. I simply forgot.


There is a good reason I have visual clues around Seaweed. Reminders
help prevent foolish mistakes and reassure me that I am on the right path.

The solution is a transfer switch that would allow me to switch from shore power to inverter power.

Confession Time: Forgive me for I have sinned. I got that switch more than three years ago. It was back on the east coast and I came to the Gulf coast for my Grand's birth. She turned three in August. And the switch is still not installed.

Baby and the Grand...

Inertia is my enemy. I am working hard at installing the pieces I have before buying more projects. I have enough parts on hand to keep me busy. The all too plentiful To-Do's are intimidating. That they are my fault for having not done the installation irritates my sense of calm.

In that regard I have made a vow to Finish things. And by finish things I do not mean that bag of cookies in my locker, nor the chips, candy, etc.

Pizza is different. And tomorrow I will show you how to make a healthy pizza for cheap.

I'd love to hear what you do to prevent inertia.
And, are you like me in acquiring Good Ideas yet not installing same?

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