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Date: 21 November 2015. Pizza for One.


I love pizza. What I do not care for is the size of my transom when I eat too much pizza. There is a solution to the pizza dilemma. It is easy and does not involve the frozen food aisle at a grocery store. And in fifteen minutes you too can be enjoying this treat. Best of all, this is not terrible for you!

7 days without pizza makes one weak.

Twenty years ago one of the women's magazines had the recipe. It was one of their "Healthy Alternatives" and it tasted great. The kids and I were quick converts. I used to keep the toppings on a plate in the refrigerator and this became our go-to snack in the afternoons. We made it in the toaster oven.

The Must-Have toppings are simple: salsa and grated cheese.

I generally use mild salsa versus the medium on hand the other night. The spicier was quite good. I am not certain which I prefer. This will take experimentation and that sounds like fun.

The crust is simply a flour tortilla. Any brand is fine and size is up to you. Make sure you pick up flour tortillas versus the less costly corn tortillas.

I had 8" tortillas on the boat this time so that became the crust.

Side Note: I like tortillas as an alternative to bread. They last at least a month and do not go stale. There is no need for refrigeration. You must reseal the bag (it's a Ziploc) or they will dry out. For a sandwich, simply fold in half. Rolling as you would a burrito is not necessary.


Pizza for One


Required Ingredients:

  • Flour tortillas in the size you prefer (I use 6" or 8")

  • Salsa (mild or medium -- your preference)

  • Grated cheese (the flavor you like best)

Optional Additions:

Anything you like. Meats have to be precooked (leftover sausage or hamburger comes to mind) along with pepperoni, onions, diced green pepper, etc.


The most important thing to remember is you cannot add a lot to your tortilla. Salsa used for an 8" pizza was less than one tablespoon. In the above photo you can see how thinly it is spread. Do not worry: the flavor will be right there. Ditto cheese. Just a bit more than  a smidgen will be fine.

Side Note: If you add too much salsa the crust will be soggy and the pizza will not taste right. Less is More for these pizzas.

Turn your oven on for 350 degrees and pop the pizza in. It is not necessary to preheat. The oven heats fast enough that within ten minutes the pizza cheese is golden. When the cheese bubbles up, it's done.


At the house Son usually used the little tray that came with the toaster oven. He piled his high and did not like cleaning up when it oozed all over. I put mine on the wire rack for a crispier crust.



And when your pizza is done it tastes as good as it looks. This is easy boat food for one. Or two.

Are you a pizza fan?
And, what are your favorite toppings?


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2015, 2023

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