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Date: 12 June 2023. Fixing Amazon Links.



Final Update, 24 July. I survived, and I am done, with just better than 900 files updated. I believe (crossing everything including eyes!) that the site has all links functional. I am genuinely hoping that the links will benefit both the readers and me. Those that are kind enough to click from the links found in the upper left corner of each page genuinely do help fund my decadence. It is greatly appreciated too. Thanks. J.


More than 900 files have been UPDATED/UPLOADED


Well, I have goofed up. As you know at the upper left corner of every page on my website I have a link to Amazon that *used* to link to my account. That meant the nice folks who utilized that link for the past few years would actually be helping me out financially via the Amazon Affiliate program. It is a small percentage, however this does make a real difference in my life.

Basically our kindness in clicking on the Amazon link found at the upper left corner of every page will take you to an Amazon product. Shop from there and I am both GRATEFUL and will earn a bit of income for my Cruising Kitty.

I have chatted with other writers and quite frankly many make a LOT more than me. Some make over a $1000 per month. I cannot even imagine that, but golly gee... That amount would be totally amazing!!!

This month my Amazon links are paying for part of a new bilge pump. To those who purchase via my links, THANK YOU!!!

I bought a Seasense 800 GPH automatic bilge pump. ←Affiliate link

The thing is, Amazon notified me that my link to the main page of their website is coded wrong. Thus I will be going through the 500-plus pages that make up my website and fixing each and every blessed one. Hopefully this will result in an increase in income. That will make the entire episode worth the hassle and time.

I do know that some of my links are fully functional and paying. Last month I received $24.91. That I put toward my new SeaSense800 bilge pump. These pumps have a decent lift and come with a three year warranty. In a salt water environment they last me three years.


Seasense Automatic 800 GPH Bilge Pump ←Affiliate link

Mini Lesson on Bilge Pumps:

Bilge pumps are designed for salt or fresh water. Those for fresh water tend to be less costly. A fresh water pump used in salt water will fail. The manufacturer's warranty will have an exclusion for salt water.

Aboard Seaweed the SeaSense800 automatic bilge pump is my primary. That means it is lowest in the bilge. This pump removes water first. I also have two 2000gph Johnson pumps. Those orange bilge pumps are far more costly ($100-plus) and come with a five year warranty.

Side Note: I bought a Johnson2k bilge pump that did come with a float switch. Currently I see none available on Amazon. You will need a float switch.

 Johnson Pump Heavy Duty Bilge Pump ←Affiliate link


I chose to use a less expensive SeaSense pump as my primary because I do have back ups. For my budget a $40 pump replacement every three years beats a $100 pump that fails every five years. Financially this is in my opinion the better option.

Still, I would not feel comfortable with JUST a SeaSense800gph automatic bilge pump without the insurance provided by the bigger better Johnson bilge pumps.


Regarding my Amazon links what I learned is that only some of my links resulted in income for me. I will therefore be going through the 500 or so articles and vignettes posted thus far, replacing the bad links with ones that will generate income. This needs to be done in the next five days. Wish me luck.


The Plan: I am starting with the most recent article and backtracking from there to the initial article posted 29 August 2013. I could not imagine back then how far my Seaweed would have come over these past years. She is better than ever. I am indeed fortunate.

Thank you for joining me on the journey. I appreciate that. Thanks too for reading. J.


UPDATE, 12 July. I am still at it... I began the project with the most current article and have been working my way back. I thought I had about 500 articles and vignettes posted when I began. So far I have finished updating 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and am half way through 2014. I need this done ASAP and basically have been at my desk. Progress is being made. Oh, and please use my links when shopping on Amazon. It really is important. Thank you. J.

A total of 716 files have been UPDATED/UPLOADED so far.


Every page on my site is a clone of a few basic designs, i.e. Articles, Vignettes, Categories, etc.
Does anyone have advice for me regarding how to make Cascading Style Sheets or perhaps a template I can adapt? Thanks!

Regarding the Comments Section, found at the end of every article:

  • Before you type in each block be sure to hit the backspace key. Coding inserts a space in every box. Your email address will come back as malformed unless you remove that space. (You don't have to include your email address.)

  • The capcha is case sensitive.



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