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Date: 22 October 2015. Garbage Bag Solution.

All of us end up with lots of plastic bags when we go grocery shopping. Inevitably they end up crammed into another bag and stuffed in a corner somewhere. Ugh. There is a better way. It is tidy and allows you to store more bags in less space. Here's what I do aboard Seaweed.

When I get done emptying out the bags I check them. Any with holes are disposed of immediately. The last thing I want is a leaky garbage bag dripping all over the place.


When you're done, this is what 40 grocery bags will look like:


Tupperware container is 8" tall by 4"


That is your standard Tupperware square box. As you can see it's tidy. The bags stack neatly inside. The bonus is lot more fit into a smaller area.


Recently I met the nicest lady named Cheryl. She lives on a Schucker. [Seaweed is a Schucker too, the Gulf Packet model.] Hers is a lot larger than mine. The name of Cheryl's home is Island Time.

Cheryl standing at the bow of Island Time. Life is wonderful afloat...

Cheryl and I went *thrifting. I love visiting thrift stores and had a blast. When we returned to Seaweed, I took my emptied bag and folded it. Cheryl said "That's just like folding a sail" and so it is.

*Thrifting: It's a made up word. It means going shopping in various thrift stores such as Salvation Army.

Start with one grocery bag.



Here's how to do it yourself:


Please note you first fold the bag into four lengthwise strips. Then start folding up from the bottom seam of the bag. If you start at the top air will be trapped inside. It takes a bit of practice so if your first bag looks funky, that's okay. Later efforts will be better. Guaranteed.



This method of bag storage is neat. It appeals to my need to have things organized and tidy. The idea was originally found on Pinterest. [Pinterest requires registration before they let you wander the site.]

To you and yours, I wish a well-organized galley just like Cheryl has aboard Island Time...

Island Time at sunset by the bridge

Have you another method for storage of garbage bags?
Please share your secrets. Chaos isn't fun in a boat of any size.


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