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Date: 21 October 2013. Hatteras/Krogen demographic.


Have you ever opened your mouth and inserted both feet? Please tell me I'm not the only one who has gotten out of the bunk on the wrong side, then been confronted with a computer system that is  uncooperative. Of course you are probably smarter than me and do not write (or at least are smart enough to not send) missives when annoyed. I wish I could say that, and of course I know better.

Oh how I wish I had not clicked Submit!

[Removed to protect the innocent -- and that's not me!] - 19 October 2013
I keep getting messages rejected. Why?

I'm sure it's something I've done, and because I was specifically recommended to join this
particular site for the insights the big guys might have I'd like to learn what I've done
wrong. Is it because I'm on a tiny trawler and not one of the larger yachts? I've only
lived aboard this Schucker for 5.5 years so perhaps your target demographic is the
Hatteras/Krogen crowd?

Please let me know.
And thanks.

Janice aboard Seaweed

Almost immediately I cooled down and sent a follow-up:
I just re-read what I typed and am appalled that my frustration with the computer system
had caused my fingers to run on before my brain was fully engaged. Obviously I need to
apologize, and perhaps (should you chose to accept) invite you aboard for a cup of

What can I do to fix it?
Please do accept my sincerest apology. I probably need to go to shore and have a dose of
civilization before Daddy rises from his water grave and keel hauls me, or at least has me
walk the plank (with a scraper in hand to clean the prop and rudder) ...

Respectfully and with apologies,
Janice aboard Seaweed
N29 51.034 W084 40.168


On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 7:07 AM, REMOVED wrote:
What are you referring to?

Perhaps my message was lost in cyberspace? (deep sigh) But just in case not, I wrote:

Unfortunately I let my irritation with a computer system get the better of me -- it wasn't
you, it was me for certain and I should know better, since I've had one of these beasts
since 1984. Then I went against decades of knowing...

You see, I'd run across a book published in 1901 and written by friends of Abraham Lincoln.
It offered first-hand memories of the president and one of the things that struck me (and
that MOSTLY I've been able to follow over the years) is the "Unsent Letter"

Lincoln often was irritated by his generals and would pour forth is anger at orders not
carried out and such. Then, he would not send (or burn) the letters. That's what I should
have done when I blasted off a note to Support about a post that was repeatedly rejected.

And yes, I knew better, -- and trust me on this: wish I'd followed Mr. Lincoln's fine
example 'cause those who don't know history are destined to repeat it. Or mistakes. Argh.

Anyway, thank you for your kind response. I'll try to be a lady from now on. Getting up on
the wrong side of the bunk didn't do me a lot of good yesterday. Sigh.

Have a nice week.


[QUOTE=Janet H]Hi -

I wanted to let you know that your messages were flagged as spam and as you have
probably discovered when that happens, you get an automated note about this. This
occurs when a new member (or member with few posts) adds links or e-mail addresses to
messages and posts. Our software scans for this and suspends these features temporarily.
We have found that this substantially reduces spam on the forum but occasionally good
members also are snared by this scheme.

We removed the block from your account and apologize for any inconvenience. You should
be able to post and message normally now. Thanks for understanding.


Oh and she's so nice too... blushing like crazy, so I wrote back saying:

Oh Janet, I am so embarrassed to have sent the message complaining. Almost as soon as I
clicked Submit I was hit with remorse... and wished I hadn't said a word. Sometimes I need
to remember patience is a virtue --- often I need to remember that! Living at 5 knots you
would think I'd always... well, never mind. And thank you for you reply.

I'll try to behave better now.
Thank you again.


ERROR MESSAGE: We have marked much of your activity as suspicious, you cannot perform this function at this time.

But now I'm laughing like crazy because my response is being rejected too. Because it's tickling my funny bone, at least my amusement center is again fully operational.


I'll keep trying (determination is a trait that comes in handy when living aboard a small trawler) but at this point will close off this anecdote until further developments occur. Wish me luck! This is so embarrassing -- but a friend I related it to thought others might find enjoyment in my foibles.

FINAL UPDATE: Apparently by posting a photograph in my initial post I triggered the website's spam alarm and was unceremoniously dispatched to error message Hades. It's all be resolved and now I can post so life's good. (smile)

I'd love to know I'm not the only one who makes a fool of herself. Details unnecessary.
But, if you'd like to tell all: Who did you blast and what provoked same?

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