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Date: 14 April 2017. Magnifier.


It is always a delight when I am given something I did not know I needed. One such gift turned out to be far  more useful than I first imagined. Cheryl on Island Time is a local gal and great fun. She also is thoughtful. Recently she gave me the coolest seahorse magnifier. It's just so handy I don't know how I ever managed without one.

I did not think I would find a magnifying glass useful. I was totally wrong! It is a handy tool and makes life easier aboard Seaweed.

Boy Scouts will remember using magnifying glasses to set tinder ablaze when making fires. I was concerned about the fire issue so cut off the toe of a pair of socks. When not in use the magnifying part is in the sock.

What is best though is when I use it. It makes things bigger and that is more helpful that I had imagined. Having the ability to easily enlarge what I am looking at has become a real boon to me. Because I tuck the seahorse magnifier next to where I sit it is always handy.

I find items that are convenient get used most often.

Old timers know that keeping copper in our sea strainers helps prevent growth (algae, mussels, etc.) in there. Pennies made before 1982 are 100% copper. I keep a few pennies in the basket of my Perko sea-strainer. The seahorse will allow me to easily see the date on coins.

When underway I'll keep the seahorse magnifier atop my paper chart.
I've seen how handy the magnifier is at enlarging the depth marks on my charts.

To your list of stuff for the boat, you might consider a magnifier of some sort. Now that I have one I cannot imagine doing without a hand-held magnifying glass.

A big "thank you" definitely goes to Cheryl for thinking up this cool gift.

Cheryl loves cruising. She is standing on the bow of Island Time.

The weather here in St. Pete has been gorgeous. There is something wonderful about being on the water.

This life can be yours too. It is not fancy yet there is a lot of joy in simple things. I love being out here.

You don't have to own the perfect Last Boat in order to have fun afloat.

Don't forget, when you spot Seaweed underway give a call on Channel 16. I'm always listening.

Do you have and use a magnifying glass aboard?
I remember Daddy kept a magnifier in his drawer by where he sat. What about you?

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