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Date: 29 November 2021. Matt's Loss (sad news)


Though I did not personally know Nathan, his dad Matt is a great friend of my daughter. Boating was a big part of his son Nathan's life. Indeed, Nathan was living aboard a sailboat when the worst happened: Nathan disappeared.

This is Nathan:


Many were looking for Nathan, including the *Escambia County Search and Rescue unit. Fortunately his body was recovered. Not knowing is horrible, though knowing is totally soul crushing. I feel deeply for the family.

*Escambia County's primary city is Pensacola, FL

Matt is experiencing the worst nightmare of any parent. I've been there, and it truly is incomprehensible. My daughter started a Go-Fund-Me for the dad. If you choose to help the family, great. Prayers are of course welcome. Thank you.

She told me: We want Matt to be able to do what he wants for his son's memory. Without having to decide based on cost of service : (every parent should be able to do that for their kid)

Taking time to grieve and not worrying about work is so important. I don't know how you functioned through it all. I hate it for him.

This is the link to the Go Fund Me:


Before Matt I had never used GoFundMe.  Should you chose to donate, the service is free. They do have a checkmark for an optional donation to GoFundMe for their service. I switched mine down to *5%...

*NOTE circa 2023: I could have totally eliminated the 5%. That 5% went directly to GoFundMe and they already nick a bit of the donations made.

In any event, please consider a prayer for
all of us out here on the waters. Thank you.

And folks, make sure there is a way for you solo to re-board your vessel should the worst happen. None of us are as young and fit as we once were. Additionally, cold water makes it all the more important to immediately get out of the water, dry off, and warm up.

Be careful. Be safe, and thank you for reading.

Do you have a way to safely get aboard your boat solo, from the water?
Feel free to mention sailors who are missing but not forgotten in the comments below...

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2021, 2023

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