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Date: 26 November 2021. Turtle Time.


Turtles are special to me. I have loved them for practically forever. At one time friends called me "Turtle" as a nickname. The sands of time have erased why though... In any event, turtles are cool. I like them a lot and recently added two new ones to my boat.

Let me first share with you a great picture Island Time sent over of a turtle they encountered.


Years ago when at a festival in Carrabelle, Florida I bought a turtle portlight sun-catcher from Rita of Washed Ashore. Hers was of high quality, made of glass, and all these years later it is as bright and beautiful as the day I purchased it.

I bought this from Rita for Seaweed. Her contact information was washed.ashore.157@gmail.com.

You met Rita in the Portlight Privacy (at Carrabelle Riverfront Festival) article. She was one of the vendors.

At Christmastime I bring out a new addition to the galley.


Many may remember that I decorate for each season and holiday via dish towels. Though initially I went with the Dollar Tree towels, I do prefer "tea towels" that are cotton. Cotton towels are more absorbent. The turtle dishtowel was from a special luncheon of four ladies described in the article Spinners restaurant in St. Pete, a rooftop revolving restaurant.

Turtles in the wild are so interesting to watch.


Baby created her own turtle at the beach years ago.

I remember making castles and forts in the sand when I was younger.

I am not the only one fascinated by turtles. Peaches was quite taken with a gopher turtle one afternoon.

Peaches belongs to Cap'n Noel on the pontoon boat Party Time.

Gopher turtles are land dwellers. I prefer the ocean going variety.

I am not the only boater with a fascination for turtles. Irene on Katja bought this:

Like many, Irene enjoys art shows. Supporting local artists is often a priority for cruisers.



Now as much as I love plants I have not always been successful at keeping them alive. This turtle planter originally came with an artificial plant. I replaced it with one of the succulents my friend Kim gave me several years ago. That succulent is still growing. Boat gals do swap plants on a rather regular basis.

Turtle planter and →


Growing succulents is a fun activity. Due to Kim's
gift I am able to share succulents with other boat gals too.


As you can see, I am rather fond of turtles, especially small ones. I love that I can display turtles in unexpected places.

Two new additions are now in my galley.

I found these two solid brass drawer pulls on eBay. Now they are decorating my galley locker.

If you are curious, the original fix for my locker staying shut did not last forever. I told you about that in the Locker Latch Alignment vignette back in 2015. A small bungee cord currently holds the locker doors closed.

Of course using a bungee cord is not ideal. This is indeed boat life on a budget. Sometimes the Perfect solution doesn't work out quite so well long term. In the meantime, when I am *waked the locker contents stay in place.

*waked: the motion that happens when a boat rocks due to the waves caused by another boat going by.

In addition to the turtles I spent an outrageous amount ($12) for a single octopus:

Though costly, I love the octopus too. It adds a nice nautical touch to my silverware drawer.

It is the many relatively minor items that make a boat more than just a hole in the water into which to dump money. These touches help make Seaweed home. They give me pleasure. So too does Seaweed. You have no idea how happy I am to be aboard her. Seaweed is my shelter, my home, and my safe spot. I am indeed fortunate.

Little things like the gift of a succulent, and a couple of aloe plants continue to give me pleasure. This time of the year, Thanksgiving in America, I hope all of you can remember the people who have made your life special.

Thanks to S/V Island Time for the turtle pictures.

I must admit that folks commenting on my articles have more than one time put a smile on my face. Thanks for being a part of my world. And thank you again for reading.

I'd love to hear what your favorite sea creature is.
And, if you ever made a sand sculpture on the beach what did you create?

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2021, 2023

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