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Date: 4 July 2016. Pan Scrubber Fail.


I love a bargain. One thing I am willing to do is try things. If the cost is low I will give a product a chance. When I read online about pot scrubbers that supposedly would work miracles I was intrigued. I splurged and spent a whole dollar for two.

The idea seemed like a good one. You pull back a bit of the beige plastic film surrounding the scrubbing part and then rub it on your pans. The theory was a good one. Of course the pictures were deceiving. It took A LOT of effort to perform miracles.


The problem became my fingers. I started feeling little poky things in the tips. Those of you who have picked blackberries will know the sensation. Imagine tiny pin pricks, not enough to draw blood but definitely "something" is there.

I could not figure out what was happening. Then I examined the scrubber carefully. I saw very fine filaments that make up the scrubber part. Those were breaking off and getting into my skin. Ouch.

For your benefit should you see these "miracle" pot scrubber gizmos, pass them by. You do not want to pluck out tiny hairs from your finger tips. Plus they didn't work all that great anyway.

There are lots more posts coming. I got behind and then had some computer issues. I think (hope!) all is well again. Thanks for for your patience.

Happy cruising to you and yours.

Do you simply replace pans when they get icky?
Do you have a secret for cleaning pans?

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2016, 2023

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