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Date: 12 February 2022. Pancake Memories.


Of late I have been a bit more nostalgic than normal.  Revisiting in my memories life aboard our 40'er is pleasant. Growing up on the boat was both interesting and mundane. The dichotomy is true, and I suspect land dwellers have had similar experiences.

This is the boat ↓ Daddy built. She was home from birth (forward cabin, starboard side)
and so, yes, I have been Miss Right since the very beginning. (typed while laughing)

I told you about Daddy's journey in the
The Fishing Boat article.

What is normal for a boat kid may have some comparables for folks living ashore. For instance breakfast is that first meal of the day. One of our frequent morning meals were pancakes. Mother made them thick. I still prefer hers to the more common thin pancakes or crepes.

My friend Irene makes flensjes (Dutch word for pancakes) which are similar to crepes. Hers look good too.



It has been quite some time since I have made pancakes aboard Seaweed. When a dock friend mentioned he was having difficulty cooking pancakes on his induction burner using a cast iron pan I thought I could do better. I was mistaken. VERY, very mistaken. Proof follows:


The first try had burnt
rings and uncooked parts too.

Surely a second try would be better... or not


My second attempt was not better according to the gent. I had cooked them thicker as I prefer, in butter. The crispy edges were not appreciated.

My skills on an induction burner with a cast iron pan are quite obviously abysmal. Next time I will be using my propane burner rather than a fancy induction thing. Currently I am back on a healthy eating plan and so will forgo the pancakes for a bit.


Aboard our boat Mother made pancakes with a stiff batter. They had the flavor of a flattened biscuit and were thick. She would cook them on the stovetop. We had a Princess propane stove and oven combination.

Our galley was nice with a full sized sink. The sink drain went straight down.
If I dropped a knife while washing dishes I would be swimming for it later.


Truly, Daddy was a craftsman. You might notice the snack bar on the port side. That was supported by a canned goods locker. It was deeper  at the bottom and narrowed a bit toward the top. Like all boats, storage was an issue. Thus, making use of all those spots is important.

We did not have refrigeration for many years. When I was young Mother used to make pancakes on our propane stove. If times were good and the weather was cool we would have fried egg with bacon sandwiches on pancakes. They were the best part of mornings...

Son and I in the early 1980's enjoying crackers and clam dip on the boat:

Such was life aboard our boat. It sure would be nice if more folks could enjoy those early morning treats fresh off the frying pan. There is something about a hot pancake slathered in peanut butter on a cool morning. Yes, I was a weird child preferring smooth peanut butter to syrup.

Frankly, I still prefer peanut butter sandwiches on seeded Jewish rye bread. Often now however I opt for flour tortillas rather than bread. A package of tortillas will stay fresh for about a month even in the heat of summertime. 

This is my life afloat. I hope all of you have a wonderful week.

Thank you for reading. Stay warm!

What is your favorite breakfast food?
Do you cook breakfast at home or opt for a simple toaster solution to food pre-coffee?

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2022, 2023

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