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Date: 11 June 2016. Toy Bails Dinghy.


I love it when a plan comes together. First, for the most part I use a 12-volt bilge pump in Algae. Because I already have a battery in there for the Newport Trolling Motor getting the majority of rain that collects out is easy. However a pump can only get so much of the water out. There is always a bit left in the keel. Today I'll show you how to solve that issue for a dollar. It's fun too!

This is summertime in Florida. That translates to the sun is shining while it is pouring down rain. We can and do have rainbows, sunshine and rainfall simultaneously. Afternoon thunder-boomers are the rule over here on the west coast.

Most of us who own rowboats use a Clorox bottle with the bottom cut off as our hand bailer. Bailing requires effort but not a whole lot. I upgraded to an Orca Whale 12-volt bilge pump a couple years back. That makes bailing a matter of flipping a switch. Still, there was always that last 1" in the keel area. I wanted it gone too.

Side Note regarding the Orca's: These are rated for fresh water only. I bought mine on Defender for $10 or so. It's not the best bilge pump however for the price it is Good Enough. My version is not automatic.

The Orca bilge pump does empty almost all the water out of Algae. Still, there is a bit at the bottom in the keel area. For that I have a fun one dollar solution.

Yes it is similar to a gigantic syringe. This item is marketed as a "Water Blaster" among other similar names. To find one, go to a Dollar Tree or any store catering to those who do not wish to part with a lot of perfectly good money.

Mine came from a hardware store in Georgia and it's still working. Please note that I keep it out of the sunlight. Essentially I'd consider this is a disposable item. The quality is what you'd expect, i.e. not great.

It doesn't have to be Spectacular for a dollar.


What Goes Wrong and How to Fix It

You can pretty much count on the fact that the handle (mine's pink) will separate from the plunger part. When you buy yours add a hose clamp there to solve that issue.

The plunger will come all the way out if you pull it too far. Do that. Pull it out.

Now put some Vaseline around the black rubber part. It will enable the plunger part to slide easily. I believe I get a better seal when drawing water into the unit because of the vaseline.

This is similar to a syringe. It is not perfect. Water will dribble out.


The Best Part: Full of water with a fast push on the handle you
can shoot water a lot longer than bystanders or kibitzers might think.


To remove the last inch in the bottom of your keel there is not much better.

For those getting out to the discount stores this season I suggest you buy a new toy, er, tool.

Fully extended it holds about a pint of water. And it's fun. Get yours while the summer merchandise is available. I saw them in the Dollar Tree (kiddie beach section) just this past week.

Enjoy. Life is good afloat.

Addendum. 12 June 2016. A neighbor bought one of these at my suggestion. We attempted to separate the plunger from the tube. It did not come out. For the newest versions you may not be able to add Vaseline to the black part as I did.

His works fine as is straight from the store.

Note to Self: EVERYTHING does not have to be tweaked.

Have you a Water Blaster?
Is there any other use you have found for yours?



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