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Date: 26 September 2014. Doing Our Thing.
Guest author Douglas G. Pollard Sr. aboard in S/V Sea Legs.

This piece is for The Writer's Block. It's written by a previous contributor who wrote Beside the Marshy Reeds. Douglas continues to bless us with the ramblings of a seasoned skipper with decades of experience along the waterfront and aboard boats. He's got my number, and recognize many other boaters as well in this gem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

I was a Dock master at a marina for a lot of years and I have to say there are always a lot of factions in every marina. Many people like to use their boat like a water front cabin. They like the marina environment and enjoy the social part of having a boat.

Some cannot wait to get on their boat and go for an afternoon sail. I personally never had any interest in that and so my boat has mostly set until I can get 4 or 5 days to sail a hundred mile up the Chesapeake bay to anchor in a harbor and walk around town and maybe meet some of the local people.

I have friends that only use their boat to race on Wednesday night and on Saturday. Saturday night they enjoy a Yacht club dance. This never appealed to me but I have never found fault with it either.

I know people who have power boats and go out fishing every day if they can.

I know some others who keep their power boats in boat sheds with 30 to 50 other boats and they never go out at all but just hang out there with friends. There is nothing wrong with any of this it's all great fun and that is all that having a boat is about.

When living aboard a boat 90% of your aboard time is either at anchor or at the dock. That's a great life. Most all of these people are great people and everyone will enjoy their own boat more if they recognize this.

Having said this, my whole thing is cruising with a little voyaging mixed in. I would like to cross the Atlantic and cruise Europe but have absolutely no desire to sail around the world. So we should all be doing our thing and try to enjoy what everyone else is doing as well.

Douglas G. Pollard Sr. of the 27' Albin Vega "Sea Legs" 2225 KK4YGO

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2014, 2023

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