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Date: 8 September 2014. Dresses and Yeses.
Guest author Eliza in New England.

This piece is for The Writer's Block. It's written by a previous contributor [see Sadder and Wiser] and follows up on that article regarding the love/lust life as a single woman of a certain age.  She might say older than dirt, but I (Janice) say Eliza has spunk. I admire her willingness to try even share lessons learned.

She his written again, and here are her latest musings:

Hello Again... it's been a while since we last corresponded however I was touched by the article about people who use little boats to play on the water. Especially that *Ida lady and her man Michael.  I admire people who do things and are open to new experiences. That's what I try and I've got to tell you "Yes" works very well for me.

*Ida and Michael are mentioned to in the Budget Boating article. The couple wrote a great book for those of us on a tight budget who still want to boat. It is Beachcruising and Coastal Camping by Ida Little and Michael Walsh.

You see, retrospectively I think I was the cause of that long spate of no dates. I didn't dress as if I might be open to a gentleman.  I was frumpy and for some reason men found that unattractive. Who would have thought that?!?

Norman Rockwell could have seen me in my attic. I wore similar dresses, in public!

So, several months ago I switched out my wardrobe to something more fetching, and I can say without a doubt it helped. For some reason people are more willing to greet me. I don't feel quite so invisible when entering a room. I'm still in my dresses and skirts, but the lengths are shorter and I've even started wearing heels.

And all my blue jeans (they didn't fit anyway) are gone. In looking at my clothes, anything not worn recently was o-u-t. All clothes that looked iffy were donated to my church rummage sale. Funny that I have not seen any of my old outfits around town...

Isn't she dressed pretty?  This painting is by Norman Rockwell and is called The Partygoers.

Then I remembered when younger I liked being seen on the arm of the nicely dressed fellows and think perhaps men want to be with some gal they can be proud of too. So now I'm taking the time to add a smidgen of make-up. And some perfume -- always with the touch of perfume at the back of my neck.

When a man comes in close I want him interested. 

No, I hope I do not look like a painted street-walker. I am a lady, at least outside the bedroom!

When my banker went to visit family in Ireland, he left a woman who was willing but not as fetching as she could be. Now however I dress to please my man. And now he's taking me places. That I like. How could I have missed knowing the (in retrospect) simple bit that I needed to look enticing!?!

Somehow I forgot for years what the 20-something kids know instinctively. Duh.

Regularly my banker comments upon is my willingness to say "yes" to anything he desires. I don't always like all experiences, but I am learning that what once I'd have thought of as "ugh" can be pretty fun.

And too there is a comfort in being with a gentleman for a time. At this age I am more accepting of my failures and too, of his less than spectacular oh-shoot moments. We aren't perfect and now can enjoy and laugh over our foibles.

This is Norman Rockwell's painting Girl Reading Palm.


But when I take his hand in mine, my fellow wonders just where my fingers will trail.

The Dresses and Yeses have made a marked improvement in my Love Life. Things are looking up. I wonder if I can talk my fellow into chartering a yacht for a cruise in the Virgin Islands this winter...

Eliza in New England.

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