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Date: 4 September 2022. A New Computer.


August was both a fabulous and frustrating month. First my friend Cheryl asked why I had not posted any new articles since June. As I had uploaded six articles during July I knew there was a problem. After investigating I discovered only one person (waves to Eva) from my mailing list was receiving notices. Argh!

This is Cheryl:

She alerted me to the problem with my emails.

Each time I post a new article I send a brief email to those who have joined my notification list. This is nothing fancy. Basically I copy off the top three entries from the ARCHIVE page. Simply email a request to me at janice@janice142.com if you wish to be included. And thanks!

I have been a fan of Toshiba netbooks since the early 2000's. They have a 10" (15cm) screen.

Toshiba netbooks require only 2 amps to power. Thus I can have mine on for hours without battery concerns.

My original netbook used between 15 and 18 watts. Though nowadays I could easily power a big laptop computer, I prefer the size of netbooks. Having a smaller computer means I can stash it in a locker more easily too.

The thing is, I am comfortable using these netbooks. Though my Toshiba was a WinXP, it still functioned, albeit not perfectly. Lately I had been having issues (date and clock out of sync) while finding more and more websites inaccessible due to errors. The final straw was discovering the emails had failed for the last SEVEN notices. Argh!!!

How it feels to attempt troubleshooting an old computer


I opted to buy yet another Toshiba netbook, this time with Windows 10 as the operating system. That was when I discovered how out-of date I am with regards to the newest technology. Toshiba no longer makes personal computers. The corporation sold that division to Dynabook in 2016.

I found a Dynabook (11.6" screen) and purchased it from Amazon.


The new Dynabook arrived, and WOW! This thing is FAST!!!! Seriously, it much much faster than the ancient WinXP netbook. Rather than taking  a minute (or more) to download a single picture, this task is completed instantaneously. I simply click download and one second later the picture is on my desktop. This will make my life so much easier.


For the curious, my new computer was $320. I paid an extra $80 for the 4-year-nothing's-my-fault warranty.

To see the specific Dynabook model E10-S1133ED laptop I chose, click here for the Amazon affiliate link to this item.

*Affiliate means that should you purchase any item though my link Amazon will send me a bit of money. Those purchases cost you nothing extra. I greatly appreciate this as it does help fund life aboard Seaweed.

Affiliate link→

Dealing with the old netbook was a pain in my transom. Fortunately I own two items which always bring joy: a tablet provided by Cap'n Gary, along with my kindle gifted by a fellow boater. Both definitely help maintain my sanity. The tablet keeps me informed about the world and allows me to research all things boat, while the kindle contains books, books and more books. Thanks again to these generous readers. I truly appreciate the gifts.

Life truly does not get much better.

Then the kids took me on vacation one week in August. The tablet came along too.

And where did I go? Here is a hint:


I will be back with my regularly written articles shortly. It has taken me time to set up this new Dynabook, install my programs (FrontPage, Filezilla, WordWeb) plus fun stuff (Midnight Sunitaire and Brickshooter) so I apologize for the delay. It is great to be able to post again.

Thank you for your patience, and for reading.

Were you familiar with the brand Dynabook?
And, do you have any recommendations for a DOS emulator? I want to play Cosmo again... (found the program while I was digging for my writing tools, FrontPage, WordWeb, etc.)

Regarding the Comments Section, found at the end of every article:

  • Before you type in each block be sure to hit the backspace key. Coding inserts a space in every box. Your email address will come back as malformed unless you remove that space. (You don't have to include your email address.)

  • The capcha is case sensitive.


2022, 2023

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