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Date: 24 September 2022. Operator Error re New Computer.


Many suffered terrible losses during Ian. I was indeed fortunate in that the only damage to Seaweed was cosmetic. More on Hurricane Ian in the next upload.

First though...
As written about in the last article, I received a second new Dynabook computer. All was well in my world, until it wasn't. As I was writing the next couple of articles suddenly I had a problem. FrontPage2002 (yes, I am *that* old, and this is the professional paid-for version) wasn't cooperating. So I fought Front Page.

The battle with Front Page brought me error messages. Specifically, Error 1919 was the culprit according to the notice displayed onscreen. My Visual FoxPro Database along with the Visual FoxPro Tables were not working properly. Of course when times are tough caffeine helps.


I attempted to repair Front Page from the Control Panel of my new computer. That alas failed. Finally I pulled out my old hard-drives where I have copies of the FrontPage2002 installation files and my owner's code. This was not an easy task.

There is storage under the dinette bench seats. The one aft contains sewing items, plus five hard-drives from old
computers. A couple of the hard-drives don't work. I should dispose of them, plus the three that have old/odd pin sets.

That dinette bench seat is no longer as empty as it was ↑ a dozen years ago.

On a boat items not used regularly are stowed in hard-to-access places that are a pain in the transom to reach. Specifically for the hard-drives I had to empty out the dinette bench seat across from me. Unlike the photo above, I have stuff on that seat. Argh!

After retrieving the hard-drives in that locker I realized that I had left out one... the whole fiasco of unloading the bench locker was unnecessary. But that wasn't all...

When things are not going well, I clean. Specifically I was in my forward cabin wiping the bulkheads, dusting my books, and doing
general cleanup. I had a stack of cleaning rags and cleansers. As each rag got dirty, I tossed it behind me. So where did one land?!?

The filthy rag ended up in my fresh new cup of tea. Some days afloat are not all sunshine and roses...

So by now I have started to think more about my computer issues with Front Page. It occurred to me that the problem might have been my mouse. It is old, having been used for at least a few years. Thus I opened the drawer above the bookcase where I retrieved a spare mouse. Of course the wheel on that mouse was ajar.

In the meantime Hurricane Ian continued to head for me. Argh!!!

It had been a week filled with preparations for Hurricane Ian disturbing my peaceful existence. 

I rather suspected that something might go wrong with the new mouse and was not surprised to find a problem. The wheel on my stored mouse was askew. Upon prying open the mouse I managed to lose the spring that holds the scroll wheel in place. Where the dang spring went is beyond me. Argh!!!

All I knew for certain is that the spring was gone and I wanted this rodent (aka computer mouse) problem solved, yesterday.

Thus, yet another delay while I fiddle with this Dynabook netbook. I did order a new pair of mice (mouses?) from https://walmart.com for my computer. Fortunately they arrived quickly and I am once again able to write. Anyway, that is why the whole Ian article was delayed. I needed a functional mouse.

A box of happiness arrived too on 24 September.

I do want to say thanks to Cap'n Coen for his lovely note, and to Pam for the treat box. I am so appreciative. Folks from near and far phoned and sent texts too. It is lovely to know I have friends out here. Thank you all.

The Lesson Learned: I stowed the mouse unprotected in a drawer. My new spare remains safely in the plastic packaging from the manufacturer. Theoretically it should be undamaged until I need it at some point in the future.

More news and the Ian article will be uploaded shortly. Thanks for reading.

Do you keep a spare mouse in your supplies for when the inevitable happens?
And, has your extra mouse ever been damaged during storage?

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2022, 2023

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