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Date: 27 February 2023. Brokenhearted on 27 February 2023.


Though this is dated 27 February, I am actually posting this tribute in April. Similarly, the Hurricane Irma Saga (parts 1-4) summary article was dated 11 September because that is the date the hurricane hit here.  Unfortunately I have bad news regarding my First Mate extraordinaire.

I have been truly blessed to share my home and heart with the sweetest 5-pound pup on the planet.

In this picture Skipper is looking into the galley of S/V Anja. It was taken back in 2014.
You met that boat in the
(Joshua Slocum's) Spray replica Anja article.

Skipper made friends everywhere. One of her first conquests was Ken.

It was cold the winter of 2012, and her friend Ken on Sparrow would snuggle Skipper in his sweatshirt.

Skipper had a great time on my swim platform back in 2013.

You can tell she's young due to the black around her eye patch.

Skipper used the swim platform as her "outside" for many years. Due to the attached leash I can surmise that we are at anchor and/or the current is kicking. I also utilized the leash when there were eagles present. I worry about birds of prey as Skipper is small and essentially defenseless. The little one depended upon me to keep her safe.

Eventually I began buying the people pads for under patients in a hospital for Skipper. She was getting older, and having a place where she could go quickly became more important in her last year. I wanted her to be a good girl, and the puppy pads allowed exactly that. I found the smaller adult pads less costly than the made-for-dogs version.

Skipper was a real pirate at Halloween in 2013 while we were in Carrabelle, FL at C-Quarters Marina.


Skipper made friends near and far. She even received a post card in 2021 from a handsome pup named Vos.


Skipper loved being underway. Her preference was to be on the side deck right beside me, circumstances permitting. Circumstances include calm waters, zero boat traffic/no wakes, and an easy stretch of waterway. Some channels are tricky.


I rigged a special attachment point to the inside the doorway so Skipper was safely secured to Seaweed and could not slip off the side deck. She wore her life jacket too. Her floatation device was made by Outward Hound. Finding a life preserver that fits a 5 pound pup is not easy.

Skipper spent most of her life inside next to me at the dinette.

Over the past year or two she slept more. You'll note her leg reaching out to touch me. That was common.

I worried about her staying well hydrated. To facilitate that she had a nifty antique dish for water accessible from our bunk.

Drinking water is important so I found a small dish for my Skip. She enjoyed having a bit of water each night when she hopped into our bunk.



Skipper was not supposed to beg... however she did so whenever she found a soft touch.


←Skipper is not allowed to beg. To the left she is practicing looking innocent after I said her name.

The act is over... time to pour on the charm towards Mr. Snack.


Though just five pounds Skipper had the ability to lean in on those five pounds, especially if there was chicken involved. She loved chicken.


Skipper in the last year or two really slowed down. Her hearing was going, and she didn't always seem to see well.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Peridos said Skipper could see. Her vet is great. I took her to Sun-Surf Animal Hospital in Indian Rocks, FL.

Skip spent a lot of time resting. She was always happiest right next to me.

When she wanted an outing however Skipper could be quite insistent.

Visiting the neighbors was nice. I would tuck her into my purse and off we would go.

You know, it is odd... Skipper spent a great deal of time riding in my purse especially these past couple of years. I  have looked and have zero pictures of her doing that. I wish I did though.

My purse was specially chosen as she could either stand or sit down and see out. Her tiny legs meant a great many purses would have her completely at the bottom unable to see what was happening. She was inquisitive, quiet and many said just like me. I was so fortunate to have shared my life with her.

Skipper slept quite a bit lately... or just dozed off.

My sweet Skipper went to heaven on 27 February, leaving me devastated. She fell asleep in my arms and did
not wake up. I am entirely grateful for the many years we shared aboard Seaweed. Skipper was a great boat dog...

Skipper did have a wonderful send off. We were together, snuggled up in our bunk. There is something rather wonderful about that. I hope everyone has the opportunity to be with the person they love most like my pup. Gosh I miss her terribly.

Thank you for sticking with me while I struggle. Skipper was special. There is hole in my heart.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Skipper from back in 2014.

Love the ones you can, and contact folks who are dear to your heart.

Thank you for being a part of my world. Thanks too for reading.  

How was your March? Did you do anything special during March?
And, what was your favorite ever pet? 

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