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Date: 6 May 2018. Garbage Containers.


Aboard Seaweed refuse is a concern. Because I am in a tidal area where water flow is good, disposing of garbage over the side is one solution.  That said, no trash is ever tossed overboard. The only things I do feed the fish are edibles that sink. For items such as orange peels I made a cool container. By repurposing and recycling items I already had onboard I saved money too.

Garbage is defined as something that smells bad when it rots.

My concerns were twofold. Primarily I worry about bugs. I have previously fought roaches and that is not fun. When anchored out, having to bring trash to shore is a given. Containing my trash separate from the smelly stuff satisfies my organizational tendencies.

Not all anchorages have a convenient place ashore to dispose of trash and garbage.

Aboard our 40'er, when we were away from civilization for extended periods of time we would burn our trash. Daddy welded a stainless container with holes near the bottom and a mesh top so ashes would not fly away.

If I spot something that would work as the metal bucket daddy made, I will buy it in a heartbeat. It really was a convenient and easy way to get rid of trash. Of course then I will have to figure out a safe way to hang said container off Seaweed.

Every single Good Idea has ramifications.

Dealing with the consequences of Good Ideas can take the wind right out of my sails. Fortitude and determination does win in the end though. I wish I had a dollar for every good idea that bit me on the transom before the project was completed.

Friends Bear and his son Drew made a trash run. They took mine with them to shore. Thanks again fellas.


As for trash, here's what I do: When visiting laundry rooms in marinas I look for empty detergent bottles. I bring them home "as is." That means I do not wash out the containers. The smells are pleasant to me. The leftover scent helps keep the trash smelling fresh too.

The spout part found in some detergent bottles can be removed leaving a wide opening in the top. The plastic bottles become a wonderful container for trash. I can cram a lot of refuse into a Tide bottle after I take out the spout. I tear items into smaller bits too. The handle of my hammer helps me pack the refuse down.

Laundry detergent spout Removal Tip: Simply use a serrated knife and saw off the spout. The plastic is soft and easy to cut.

You will be surprised how heavy a detergent bottle can be when crammed full of trash. What I like best is that it is nondescript. I have never had anyone object to me disposing of a laundry detergent bottle. It is compact.

I reuse empty produce bags for garbage too. A knot in the top seals the bag with smells inside.


Keeping a droopy bag around is not neat and tidy. I wanted a way to hold the bag open at the top. For that I cut the top off an empty A&W Root Beer bottle.

Diet A&W root beer is my favorite summertime treat.

Then I put the produce bag inside the empty root beer bottle. A leftover string secures it neatly.

I wanted a place to keep my onion skins, orange peels and wet tea bags. Now I have it. Should there become an odor, I will tie off the bag and add it to the laundry detergent trash bottle.

This garbage container sits under the oil lantern I have on the bookcase by my sink. Before I figured out why the lantern leaked, the container also caught oil that oozed up the wick.

The root beer bottle was cut to fit under the oil lantern bolted to my bookcase.

In my galley I have both a 12-volt pressure system and a hand pump for fresh water.
The Whale hand pump leaks. Repair kits are nearly as expensive as new units. Argh!

Side Note: Walmart sells for about $3 a box with 100 gallon-sized plastic bags. These are found near the Saran wrap and Zip-loc baggies. They are usually on the bottom shelf. Designed to be closed with a twist tie, I find the gallon-sized bags quite handy. They are a permanent part of the supplies kept aboard Seaweed.

I can cover a plate in the refrigerator with the bags. There is always one in my purse. Several times I have brought home leftovers from a restaurant in these bags. Because they are less sturdy than gallon size freezer bags washing them out does not work well. The bags often have their final use in my root beer bottle garbage container.

For me the combination of empty detergent bottles and
my bag-lined container for smelly garbage works well.

To you and yours, happy boating.

Do you separate your trash from the garbage when your out boating?
Where do you store your trash between trips to the garbage dumpster?

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2018, 2023

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