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Date: 6 August 2021. Mildew and Rust Solutions.


Living aboard a boat means that the atmosphere inside can often be damp. Life at sea level is great, however combating mildew is a given. There are tricks, and today I'll share a few of mine with you. Removing mildew, preventing rust stains and cleaning are a constant battle. Most days I wipe, swipe, or rub down something.

For instance, at Christmas a dear friend (thanks again Cheryl) gifted me a tin of cocoa mix. Because the bottom would rust I needed to make the can shelf safe for Seaweed.

Like many, the I Love Lucy television series was a favorite. I remember fondly the chocolate factory episode.

The cocoa tin Cheryl gifted me would rust. A *magnet stuck to the
side of the container, thus I knew rust would only be a matter of time.

* I have found any metal that a magnet sticks to, will eventually rust.

The tin of chocolate drink mix was delicious. In order to save the can though I needed to make sure it would not rust. In that regard I flipped the can over and painted the bottom edge with clear nail polish. Problem Solved. Now, even if the Lucy tin sits on a damp counter it will not rust or leave marks.

Another trick is one Cheryl shared with me. Spray cans rattle, rust and can become messy. Her rattle solution also keeps my shelf and locker clean. It's a winner!

Cheryl places her cans of WD-40, CRC Lithium Grease, T-9 Boeshield Spray  and the like inside a can *koozie.

*For those that wonder (I did) the can covers/coolers we use are spelled "koozie". Koozie is the registered trademark name of the can coolers. That is why other companies call them coozies. Both spellings are acceptable. It is sort of like how we in the United States use the word Kleenex (brand name) for tissues. The covers were originally from Australia and called stubby holders. They were popularized by surfers there. End mini lesson on the Koozie. J.

As for mildew, every rainy day when the boat is shut up brings another round of the ongoing war against mildew. I've got a trick though and today I'll share it with you. First, go to the store (or shop online -- I frequently chose Walmart) and purchase a package of baby wipes. Open said package. Pour in about 1/4 cup of plain white vinegar.

The least expensive white vinegar works well. You're looking for 5% acidity.

Now you have a package of disposable cleaning rags in the doctored baby wipes. Vinegar KILLS the mildew. Clorox bleaches mildew. There is a difference. We are going for the Kill. Simply wipe the bulkheads or any place there is mildew. The bonus is that your boat will smell like a salad.

If your budget is tight you should know that baby wipes will go through the washer just fine. They can be reused. As a side note, the blue shop towels are also reusable items. Simply wash them, unless they are greasy. Oily blue towels should be tossed.


That is it from the waterside. Life progresses. I've been busy spinning my wheels. I wish I could tell you I've accomplished loads. I have sewn a few quilt blocks together. Quilting is relaxing and fun, especially if one is not too particular about how perfectly the points match up!


There is a unique pleasure in enjoying a cup of chocolate flavored coffee at anchor... Thank you again Cheryl.

For killing mildew, the answer is plain white vinegar. To prevent rust stains, try painting the bottom of items that will rust in nail polish, or any other paint you happen to have on hand. Additionally, if you've got cans that rattle together, can coozies can be a simple solution. Good luck!

Thank you for reading. I appreciate that.

What is your favorite stain remover?
Do you have any tricks for preventing or removing stains?

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