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Date: 13 March 2022. Online Purchase Mistake.


It is no surprise that getting older is not for sissies. Fortunately there is coffee. I prefer to sip my steaming brew through a straw. This is due to the fact that my boat rocks. Should I have my mouth up the the cup when the boat moves, there is a real possibility that I will be wearing my beverage versus drinking it. For this reason straws are preferred.

I make fancy coffee. The Flavored Coffees (economical versions) vignette has details.

Long ago I would save straws from McDonald's or Wendy's fast food joints to use aboard Seaweed. Plastic straws are not designed for long-term use. Thus I first switched to stainless straws, then to glass. I prefer glass.

Like civilized people the world over, having a morning caffeinated beverage seems to help start the day on a positive note. That is not to say I am fully dressed before that first sip of coffee is savored!

My friend Tina's pup Siesta is like me: We both hang out in our pajamas in the morning.

Aboard Seaweed it takes me a while to get all my parts in gear. This means that I stretch and rotate everything while still in my bunk. Skipper and I each seem to be waking up slower during this time of the year. Cool nights do make for great sleeping though.

Skipper and I enjoy lazy mornings during the winter season... I continue to utilize the
12-volt electric blanket to keep our bunk warm. This also helps the bones feel less stiff.

I would like to be able to say that all this rest makes me tip-top, infallible and  fabulously smart. Alas, that is the fantasy me. The real me messes up. Here is my latest stroll into "I really need to wear my glasses before purchasing stuff" ...

Because I am getting low on glass straws (they break) I purchased this set of 10:

Careful perusal of the eBay advertisement ↑ will show
a glaring error. In my defense, I do not think in metric.

The 8mm is the perfect width. That these glass straws are borosilicate means they will be able to withstand high heat. Again, that is just right. However, 100mm length is in real terms 4 inches. Yes, four!!!

Note regarding Borosilicate: This is the material the original Pyrex baking dishes were made with. Lower case pyrex is the new poorer quality version. This is why folks with ovens scour thrift stores for Pyrex (capital P) bakeware.

My brain was definitely in a fog when I purchased 4" long glass straws. (sigh)

I do enjoy the foggy days aboard Seaweed. Those days are made for reading on my Kindle.

I misread the 8mm width for an 8" length. Thus, I ended up with ten short straws.
Definitely I need to be more careful, and utilize my eyeglasses when making purchases.

To be fair the item description called them tubes and the 100mm length was clearly there too.

I confessed to Baby what I had ended up with and offered them to her. She said "Absolutely not" so there is that. This will go down as one of the dumbest things I have ever paid perfectly good money for.

On the other hand, if you want these things just let me know. I hate to get rid of the set as I did pay a lot of money ($1 each) for them. With a miniature trawler and no foreseeable use, these are destined for disposal, and soon! Frankly, $1 would be an okay price IF I had bought 8" long straws as intended.

For a primer on how to get the best prices on eBay, the
Screening My Hatch (eBay advice) article will be useful.

Take my advice: when shopping do wear your glasses so that you will know what exactly you are buying.

As noted in my Microgreens Aboard Seaweed (series), I continue to grow things that are good to eat. In this flower pot I planted a couple of onions that had sprouted. I've been chopping at the green shoots for the past week or so.

But I digress...
Now I have TEN of these short straws and have learned a lesson. When shopping online I need to be more careful when reading the description, AND wear my glasses. I feel foolish, plus I still do not have spare straws for my beverages.

The elixir of happiness aka caffeine ingestion should also be involved prior to any online purchases.

This is life aboard the good ship Seaweed. She is looking better each day. Check out her new stripe:

The green had faded considerably over the years since I painted it. Now Seaweed looks so much nicer.

I have undertaken a restoration of Seaweed. Those items that have been delayed for years are being taken care of now. I love my home so much, and want her to reflect the beauty I see to the world.

So that is life aboard Seaweed. It is an honor to have you joining me on this journey. Don't forget to say "hello" on Channel 16 should you see me underway. Thanks, and thank you for reading.

Have you ever made an online purchase that was Wrong?
What did you buy/receive?

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2022, 2023

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Aphorism Alert:  Borosilicate is the material the original Pyrex baking dishes were made with. Lower case pyrex is the new poorer quality version. This is why folks with ovens scour thrift stores for Pyrex (capital P) bakeware.

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