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Date: 27 November 2015. Portlight Privacy (at Carrabelle Riverfront Festival)


In the springtime I enjoyed perusing the Carrabelle Riverfront Festival's tents. It is a lot of fun to see what the vendors have created. Once in a while I find something outstanding. The festival had quite a few remarkable artists. I enjoyed wandering, people-watching, eating and bought a few things too.

I was fortunate to meet Rita and her husband Larry. Larry makes beautiful jewelry using seashells. Rita does wonderful stained glass creations.

Rita and Larry of Washed Ashore [ washed.ashore.157@gmail.com ]

It all started back in 2013. I had trouble sleeping in my forward cabin because the sun would shine in and wake me up from my naps. This is Serious Business and I came up with a solution. The initial fix is described in the
Portlight Pretties article.

While walking around the Carrabelle Riverfront Festival I saw lots of beautiful things. It was Rita and Larry's booth that held my attention the most. There was a stained glass turtle hanging that caught my eye. I thought the turtle would be amazing as a replacement for the ever fading plastic sun-catchers I had purchased at a Hallmark store.

The turtle was not the round pretty that I needed/wanted for my forward cabin. While chatting with Rita she said she could make a round version for me. It will fit inside my portlight. Wonderful!

The size of the sun-catcher will allow breeze to come around the edges. It will be large enough to prevent most of the sunlight from entering.

Most important of all, my afternoon naps will be shady. 

I sent her a photo of my portlight with a ruler in front so she could see the size I needed. And a couple weeks later look what appeared in my mailbox:


When the portlight is opened I can look around the edges and watch what is happening outside. At a dock it offers a level of privacy too. Folks see the turtle and not beyond nor into my cabin.


Sun-catcher arrives ready to hang.


Securely attached to the frame are two loops that allow the sun-catcher to hang. These are well-made and not flimsy. They are an integral part of the piece. The turtle arrived ready to hang with a piece of clear fishing line attached.

There is an attention to detail in Rita's work. I am impressed and delighted.

I switched from the clear monofilament fishing line to Spiderwire. It is easier to tie and not quite so slippery. Plus it is virtually invisible. Spiderwire is thin so it is easy to close my portlight tightly enough to prevent leaks in driving rainstorms.



Spiderwire braided fishing line 15 lb test by Dyneema

Affiliate link

Spiderwire braided fishing line

Spiderwire is made by the same folks who make Dyneema rope so you know it's good. It does not stretch. Spiderwire is a  thin and strong braided fishing line.

I use it to hang the sun-catchers in my cabin. The line is virtually invisible. It's handy to have on hand.


When I fish, I use Spiderwire as my line of choice. I am not all that successful however I do have a lot of fun. It is technique no doubt and mine is not so good. Fish see me as a patsy. I supply tasty morsels. The fish suck the bait into their mouths and spit out a perfectly clean hook.


Such is life. Do not count on catching fish for dinner unless
you know how to fish. I do not. Thus, fish do not fear me.

You may wonder about closing the portlight and how the sun-catcher is secured. This is the way I do it:

  • Picture outside the boat (that is fresh air)

  • Next, the portlight has a screen

  • Then the sun-catcher is secured to the hinge above that holds the opening window part

  • Finally the window on the inside of the boat

My portlight is closed and you can clearly see the turtle through the tinted Lexan window.

At night when I have my cabin lights on the turtle looks just like a beautiful stained glass window.

During bad weather I have the portlight closed. The sun-catcher is pinned between the screen and the window. I do not remove it. The turtle clearly shows behind my tinted portlight window. There is something about coming home after dark and seeing the turtle in the portlight of my cabin. It is a welcome sight.

The turtle offers me privacy at docks. It shades my cabin when the sun is shining. And most important of all:

The sun-catcher pleases me, offering a nautical motif that is pretty.

The turtle sun-catcher does not move much at all even when the breeze is blowing. And if it does move, the screen keeps it from banging anything.

Of the folks who have come aboard Seaweed, I think every woman has commented positively on my sun-catchers. I doubt if any man has noticed the turtle. That is okay too.

Seaweed is my home and I love making her
mine. Decorations give a boat personality.

For the fellows out there, know your woman will enjoy putting her touches on the boat. That is one thing that makes a boat into a comfortable home. Women for the most part nest. If our nest is comfy and pleases us, life is good for everyone aboard. Happy wife, happy life...

Command Hooks and Quakehold Museum Putty will help make decorations stay put without damaging your boat's interior. Buy some.

There were other finds at the Carrabelle Riverfront Festival. I'll tell you about them in an upcoming article.

As mentioned in the Fighting Inertia regarding Boat Gear piece, I have made a resolution to finish things up. Articles that are partially written are cluttering my psyche. Be on the look-out. More are coming, and quickly!


Rita and Larry
Washed Ashore


Larry makes wonderful jewelry. Were I were not so focused on the sun-catchers I would buy more than one of his necklaces. They are beautiful. Many of the pretties would make ideal Christmas tree ornaments too.


As for me, I will continue to visit art festivals along the waterfront. Festivals are the best place to find unique gifts. Anyone can shop at the major department stores. There are wonderful things online too. But for that special person in your life or yourself finding a place like the Carrabelle Riverfront Festival is a valuable resource. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to leave a comment please. I love those!

Did you make it to any art festivals this year?
And, what was your best find?

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