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Date: 11 March 2015. Power Cord Primer.


While at the dock for my newest engine swap I have been blessed with a power connection. Gosh, it is nice to have AC power at will and without any concerns about either winds or sunshine. There are a few things I do to make this experience better, and safer.

First of all, I do not have to tell anyone how expensive power cords are these days. That is why I have written in permanent marker the name of the boat at each end. If my cord (marked) is next to yours, naked, guess which one will be most likely to be left alone?

Also, I do not just leave my cord helter-skelter. It is run along the edge of the dock. A tripping hazard is avoided by having the cords not cross the pier. And I have tied it to cleats so it will not fall into the water.


Knowing where the ground prong is located is also helpful. I've marked mine on the cord.


30amp twist lock electric cord information:

  • Green = Ground ("L" shaped blade)
  • White = Neutral
  • Black = Hot

The way I identify the white is this: When looking at the unit, the Neutral is the one the "tab" of the L-shaped ground is closest to.

[Click on this picture to see them labeled.]


This is the female end. The male inserts into the female and has prongs.

Monthly, when using the cords I spray the female side with CRC Silicone. M/V Viking Star uses a dielectric grease. Either will keep corrosion at bay. [Aboard Seaweed I do this simple maintenance the first of each month.]


At the inlet for my 30amp cord in the cockpit, I can immediately tell what is top. There is a light which also shows me if there is power to the cord. That is a handy feature when trouble shooting power (or lack thereof) issues.

I am concerned about the potential theft of my power cord. Besides marking the cord, there is one extraordinary method I utilized some time ago. That's my own personal Guard Pelican!

You "met" this pelican in the Dallas and the Pelican article.



And no, I have not seen him of late. I am always on the lookout. Being afloat affords a closeness with nature that I suspect many do not enjoy. With windows and doorways opened  to the warm breezes, this is a wonderful time of the year to live afloat.

I mark my portable items with Permanent Marker. Do you?
And, has spring arrived in your locale? It's beautiful here!

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2015, 2023

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