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Date: 14 March 2015. Spring on Pi Day (copper advice)


As the geeks among us know, Pi is 3.14 therefore Pi Day is celebrated on 14 March. This day is a personal favorite of mine. That is because the date generally finds spring-like weather has arrived. A favorite website visitor, Pam in Minnesota, told me even in the north the temperatures were rising. And here in Carrabelle it is finally wonderful.

Now a local, Mr. Reality Check, informs me that one more cold snap will come through. You see, I hadd washed my trench coat and winter bedding and was preparing to put it all away until the fall. The very next day the temperature dropped into the 40's. Brrr.

I am not washing winter gear again until I hear an all clear. And I am ready for springtime.

Decorating aboard Seaweed is simple. I buy a dish towel to match each holiday. This time I found a cute little Easter bunny and a second one with fresh pears. I've already hung them in the galley from the bar on my stove.

The beautiful hand towel on the right with the teal crocheted top was my Christmas gift. Deb lives in Carrabelle Beach and she is a real nice gal. She picked one of the accent flowers in the towel as the yarn color for the top. Made perfectly, it's a treat to own.

The towel is located in the galley by the stove. I find myself using it all the time. What a nice present!

More than a half century ago I was gifted this Worry Doll. She's beautiful and reminder of the kindness in this world.


Boat gifts are tough to find for those of us fortunate enough to live out here. The limited space dictates that knick-knacks are not generally useful and breakables will break. Deb nailed it: something that is not only useful, and also easy to store. Plus this is so convenient, I find I am using the pretty towel all the time.

It is a definite keeper. Thanks Deb!


Beside the towels and bolted to the front of the cabinet is an old Avon duck head. I use it to hang the trash bag when I have just returned from the grocery store.

Getting rid of packaging is a priority in life afloat. If it is just me I might leave the trash bag out for a day or two but generally I tidy things up immediately.

No one, not even me, wants to look at an untidy mess.


A small bit of effort makes all the difference in the world. After all, I might have a visitor and like to have my home in ship-shape. In 23' when stuff is not put away the clutter is glaring. And today... well, my counter could be better. Much better!


All this talk (er, writing) about being tidy caused me to look around and see what I knew needed doing. The small area in front of my bookcase is a magnet for junk. Things that are going to be needed, in use, or need a home end up there. It's my all too visible junk drawer.


Sometimes I get irritated with myself. I knew half of the stuff on that shelf could go someplace else. Instead, for some stupid reason left it there. Soon it piled up and became an untidy mess.

The photo on the right is the mostly cleaned up version. I have three rechargeable batts that need to be re-upped. I shall do that in a few minutes. A while back I bought from Amazon an AC powered Energizer Rapid Charger for AA and AAA batteries. It works well.

The shelf still not perfect, but is much better than it was. A half dozen washers are put away. The electrical stuff is back in it's special box. Snaps, a shackle and more are put in the box under my tool bag. A bunch of pennies have relocated to the useful change box.


1-cent trivia: Pre-1982 pennies were 95% copper, 5% zinc.
Pennies minted after 1982 are 99.2% zinc with a 0.8% copper coating.

Old timers put a few (pre-1982) pennies into our intake strainers. In salt water, the copper dissolves and prevents marine mollusk growth. Your pennies will turn pink. That's when it's time to replace them. If not old pennies, buy some 1/4" copper pipe and place pieces in your strainer basket.

When actively cruising, versus swapping engines, being able to be underway immediately is top priority. And even now I like having a home that is welcoming. When stuff is chaotic I am unhappy.

That does not mean that a gal cannot get used to looking at one magnificent piece of stainless sculpture. Of course I am referring to my new manifold. Designed by Jerry at Just Right Marine, it is a beautiful piece.


Addendum for Deb, Pam, and Mr. Reality Check:  Should you desire to find this article again some day, look on the front page of my website. In the right column, under Topics, find Characters. Click Characters. Scroll down (folks are listed alphabetically) and there will be a link to the specific article -- this one! In case you were curious that is...

Has spring arrived in your locale?
Do you do any decorating for this season? Are Leprechauns or Easter bunnies around?

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2015, 2023

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