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Date: 15 April 2018. Scissors in the Galley (baked bacon)


I have lived a few decades. Physically I am not where I once was. Like many who have passed the half century mark, compensating is a normal state of affairs for me. One of the ways I do that is in the galley. Instead of using sharp knives most of the time I employ my scissors to cut foodstuffs. You might find this technique useful too, especially in rough weather.

This is Daddy's Buck knife before I snapped the blade. Do not ask. It was stupidity on my part. I am sad about it.

For the record I do still have the knife.

I believe Buck fixes blades however I am afraid they will replace the whole shebang.
Because this was Daddy's, I would rather have the one he held than a perfectly fine new one.

Such is life. I am fortunate to have not dropped it overboard. I still wish for a blade...

I am positive most fellows my age carried a knife in their pockets from the time they were first allowed. I had my own knife too. Exploring, playing pirates and Indians, well that was life along the riverfront decades ago. When I was little using knives was a normal thing for kids to do.

Then I grew up. Suddenly the years had rolled by faster than I imagined possible. I looked up not fifteen minutes after childhood and here I am: enjoying life aboard Seaweed. Parts I did not even know existed are failing and nothing works as it once did. I have been forced to make accommodations.

One way I do that is by substituting a pair of kitchen scissors for my knife:


Holding a pair of scissors is easier for me than a knife. I cannot cut myself. For those with arthritis issues, you might be surprised how little effort is required to cut beef versus slicing with a knife. Especially when the boat is rocking and rolling, scissors for me are a safer option.

When I was making a pork dinner, I cut up the meat with scissors.

Aboard Seaweed I do a lot of preparation after buying groceries. If things are easy I find I am far more likely to do them. As for eating healthy foods, the preps do take time. Being able to grab and eat makes the initial effort worthwhile.

I prefer fresh foods most of the time. Of late however I have been under the weather. The canned meats and dinners I had stored in my lockers were a real boon.

This morning I felt like meat. Fortunately I had a jar of pot roast sitting in my locker. It did not require anything from me except heating. Already pre-cooked, I could satisfy my hunger with minimal effort.

I will say this year's bout of being under the weather has taught me a few things:

  1. Having a well supplied medicine locker is a necessity. Cough suppressant is Saving the Day.

  2. Not being able to locate my Puffs tissues with aloe was not good. My nose is sore.

  3. I am grateful for a fairly full food locker.

If you are curious as to my medicine locker, details can be found in the
Missing Medicines article.

Food preparation using scissors for me is quick and easy.

Cutting bacon before baking is less messy with scissors.

For perfect bacon, preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake for 10 minutes. Enjoy. I have not yet tried canning bacon, though that is on the agenda when I feel better again.

Kitchen scissors can also be used to cut raw broccoli florets.
Florets are the puffy parts at the ends of the stalks that taste good.

I do sometimes chop up the stems into small pieces. Those are added to stews for fiber.

When did I start thinking about fiber?!? I remember seeing ads for such things back when I had a television (that would have been pre-1994) and thinking those were strange advertisements. Suddenly fiber seems not so odd at all.

Staying healthy out here is important. Eating well is a part of that equation.


The Television Decision, circa 1993


For those unfamiliar with my solution to television programming, here is what happened:

In 1993 I was raising two children. (The divorce would become final in 1994.) My ten year old daughter and 13 year old son were arguing over a television program I did not want to watch. I told them to stop.

My duo chose not to obey.

So I calmly walked over and unplugged the TV. Then I picked up our 13" color television and carried it next door. Lo and behold, when asked the neighbors were delighted to have another television.

Problem solved. There were no more
arguments about television in my home.


For the record, I believe getting that TV out of our lives was one of the Best things I did for my children. We played games in the evening, fished in the canal, talked, and read. Life was wonderful.

Today, I live with my kindle books, an amazing tablet with access to YouTube and Netflix, plus DVDs. Life is fabulous without reality TV "stars" who seem famous only for their appearance, relationship disasters, drug use and immorality. But then again, I am quite happy in my wonderful world aboard Seaweed.


Writing about knives has led me down Memory Lane. I loved playing pirates and Indians when I was younger. I was the intrepid explorer, discovering new lands and taking no prisoners. I would poke my knife in clams, eating them raw. It was a good life, and still is.

Stepping back onto Memory Lane: Years ago several friends and I stopped at a coffee shop one morning. The joint was known for bagels. What I remember is that particular morning only Bob and I had knives ready to spread the cream cheese. Do not think I was a genius now! Bob had gifted me the West Marine pocket knife I carried that day.

This is the infamous Bob aboard Maverick.

You met Bob in the
Time Stopped article.



Even today I have a small knife in my purse just in case I need to cut something. I have used this one to stir iced coffee at McDonald's. A girl has got to have her tools!


Though I carry my little knife I much prefer using a pair of scissors when dining at home. I suppose it is like company manners. When out with others, I order soup. That is easy, and inexpensive.

Recently I switched from using black scissors to the white Betty Crocker brand ones sold at the Dollar Tree.

I chose white scissors because they are pretty. They also seem to stay sharper than the black ones.

Truly I am blessed to have options. For me, especially when the weather is kicking, a pair of scissors makes cutting food simple. I like it.

To you and yours, happy boating.

I'd love to hear if you know of adaptations that work around issues.
And, are you done with winter?!? It's rainy here in St. Pete and I've got another dang leak. Argh!

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