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Date: 7 February 2021. Tomato Rocket (Dollar Tree item)


I continue to grow salads as described in the Microgreens Aboard Seaweed (series) series. Recently I began branching out. Although my previous experiences with tomato plants have ended in abject failure, I have not given up. My newest attempt was purchased from Dollar Tree. I bought a Tomato Rocket.

I love my microgreens though there is one thing lacking:

The flavors are spectacular. What I want however is some color. Specifically, I'd like tomatoes in my salad.

Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. It is fun to explore the aisles.

I found a new item in the garden department at Dollar Tree.

My initial attempt at growing tomatoes did not go well. I told you about that fiasco in the Upside Down Tomato Plant How-To article. Since then I've been buying tomatoes from the grocery store. That can get expensive.

Purchasing tomatoes means I have to get to the grocery store regularly. I would prefer to be self-sufficient. As long as I am growing my own broccoli, Chinese cabbage, kale, radishes, turnip and lentil sprouts, tomatoes should be easy. Right??? Well, I hope so, and toward that goal have begun a new experiment.

The package from the Tomato Rocket sold at my local Dollar Tree was inspiring.

I followed the directions and placed the green thing with seeds in a hanging pot I had on hand from my previous experiment. The packaging shows a round seeded disk. Mine was a multi-layered folded piece of green colored growth medium inlaid with the tomato seeds.

After a couple days I had TWO SHOOTS growing. My excitement level increased. This just might work:


Thus far I have not seen any of the fruit fly larvae I was plagued with during my initial attempt at raising tomatoes. For the most part this time I have been keeping my planter inside. Last time I tried to grow tomatoes I kept them outside. That might have been a contributing factor in those nasty critters who invaded my Seaweed.

In case you wondered, I really REALLY abhor bugs.

My microgreens have not yet had any bug issues. This may be because they are always inside.

This is my kale at day three. It is yummy!



In reflection, there could be at least two sources for my initial bug infestation:

#1) I had purchased a starter plant at Walmart. It is possible that the bugs came in the dirt of the tomato plant.


#2) Because my upside down tomato plant was left outside, the flies might have been nearby and decided to move on my boat.

After all, who wouldn't want to live aboard a boat?!?



It is day four and my Tomato Rocket is still growing.


I forgot and hung my tomato pot outside for a while a couple of afternoons. The weather has been wonderful. I wanted to share the sunshine with the baby plants. We shall see if that was a mistake. I do have the hanging planter back inside.

So that's it from here. I am enjoying life aboard Seaweed. I've been going places, which is always a special treat since I don't drive. Being taken to stores is a wonderful experience for me.

If it wasn't for a friend I never would have been able to purchase Tomato Rocket. Thank you again for the outings. As of yet I'm uncertain if the tomatoes will grow to fruition. In the meantime I am celebrating. More shortly.

Thank you for being a part of my world. Thanks too for reading.


Addendum. March 2021. My tomato planter was invaded by tiny gnats. They didn't bite however the bugs irritated me to the extent that I moved the planter outside. Then the birds attacked the baby tomato plants and, well, it's all gone now. Once again, tomatoes and life aboard Seaweed has not worked out as anticipated... Bugs have been the bane of my tomato experiments thus far.

Have you ever grown tomatoes in a pot successfully?
Are there any secrets or hints you can offer for me?

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