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Date: 29 January 2021. Cheesecake (easy no milk/no bake method)

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Note to my friend Irene: As a baker you might become horrified by my easy-peasy (simple) method of making a cheesecake without milk or eggs. Plus there is no need to turn on the oven. So be brave girl, and read on...

We did not have refrigeration aboard our 40'er until I was a teenager. I didn't drink milk as that was not something we had available. Over a half century later, I have never drunk a glass of milk. That said, I do like cheesecake, and the instant No Bake box mix varieties are a real blessing.

At anchor in the south, heating up the entire boat to bake a cheesecake is not my first choice.

Instant cheesecake can be the perfect option for loads of us.

I have found no difference in taste and texture between the name brand (Jello) and the generic versions sold. As a matter of fact, unless you want a specialty (strawberry for instance) topping definitely buy the least expensive mix.

Years ago I cut out the how-to from a box of cheesecake mix.

Follow the package directions except use water, NOT milk.



Another option is to have a good friend who actually bakes cheesecake share with you. I recommend Irene on Katja's cheesecake. Cheesecake is her specialty.


As for me, I'm looking forward to catching up
with Katja. I can almost taste the cheesecake...



DO NOT purchase the "Classic Cheesecake Mix" from the Dollar Tree.

This is what the Dollar Tree cheesecake box looks like:

Please note that small plastic bag at the bottom of the photo.

You may wonder what is in that $1 bag. Sugar. It's a way overpriced package of sugar. Argh!

This mix requires cream cheese. That means work. I am retired. Work sounds, well, like work. UGH!

If you will pay particular attention to the Ingredients (shown above) in the Dollar Tree version you will note that I paid perfectly good money for a small amount of powdered sugar, brown sugar and some vanilla flavoring. Sigh. Sometimes saving money just is not the best course of action...

DO NOT purchase Dollar Tree cheesecake mix!!!

Here is the back of the Great Value (Walmart store brand) box:

Follow the directions adding *4T to 6T (1/2 to 3/4 of a stick of butter) to the crust mix. Add 2T of sugar too.

*In recipes when you see a capital T that means Tablespoons. A small t denotes teaspoons. Three teaspoons equals one tablespoon. In metric, a Tablespoon equals 15 milliliters (15ml) and a teaspoon is 5ml.

Recently I was speaking with my friend Tom in Apalachicola and mentioned that I had made a cheesecake. I suggested this might be something he could do while canoe camping as it this requires no milk. He was intrigued, so tried it. Here is what he said:

Hi Janice, I just bit into my first instant cheesecake! Then I bit into it again and again and again several times beyond that. What a delight to know that the remaining 3/4 of the cheesecake is mine all mine. God bless Janice that's all I can say. What a great idea!!! It's a delightful cheesecake, the whole thing for the price of one slice eating out. This is one of your finest ideas Janice. Thank you. Thank you very much. Tom.

Tom chose the Jello brand cheesecake mix, with the included strawberry topping. Here is his first cheesecake:

Aboard Seaweed, I opt for the generic Great Value mix. It makes a plain cheesecake which I prefer.


First I make the crust. As a reminder, I use 1/2 to 3/4 of a stick of butter. That is 4T-6T.
When times were tough I would substitute margarine. Frankly I cannot tell the difference in taste.

A couple years ago I purchased a few silicone pans. The blue one is approximately 7" (18cm) across.

The no bake cheesecake box mix contains two packages. One is labeled either #1, use first, or crust. The other is the powdered off-white cheesecake filling mix.

For the cheesecake filling portion instead of milk simply use water. Then refrigerate as normal.


This filling does thicken as it is mixed. I stir until there is no white powder remaining along the bottom and edges. It does come out smoother if I use my whisk.


Tom was so enamored with his cheesecake success that he shared the method with a friend of his out west. Here is the lovely note I received from Steve

Hi Janice,  You don’t know me but I’m an old friend of Tom.  We’ve known each other since working together in 1968 out in Southern California.  Recently, Tom told me about a way to make cheesecake that sounded too good to be true!  It turned out to be Jello No Bake Cheesecake and he told me he heard about it from you!  Well this was too much of a temptation for me and my love of cheesecake, so I tried it.  Now my pantry is well stocked with several boxes and another cheesecake went into the fridge half an hour ago!  I just wanted to say “Thank you” for passing this bit of wisdom along to my old pal Tom and indirectly to me.  … Steve


Later Tom followed up with yet another message that made me smile: Cheesecake number three. I have got the basic technique down, now I am working on presentation and appearance. Nice work almost as good as quality control sampling. Thanks again Janice


Two things to remember:

#1) If you want a topping (basically a jelly sauce with chucks of fruit) you will have to purchase the name brand Jello. Otherwise you could simply buy any generic boxed mix and add your own jelly or fruit preserves after the cheesecake is firm.

#2) For those without milk on hand, it is perfectly acceptable to make this mix with water. I believe it tastes just fine with plain old water.

As a side note, I don't believe I've ever made a cheesecake with milk. I have utilized Cool Whip (or the generic equivalent) whipped topping. That turns out a bit sweeter than I prefer.

One box made a 7" cheesecake plus a sampler for me:

There is something comforting about enjoying a cheesecake at anchor. I highly recommend it.

The gift recipient for the 7" cheesecake said: I hate overpaying for grocery store or restaurant cheesecake. Your cheesecake is super easy to fix. It is inexpensive (dirt cheap) quick to make and is flat out delicious. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Cap'n Mick.

I must admit that Cap'n Tom's cheesecake does look amazing.

Where to find the boxed cheesecake mixes:
At the grocery store these items are close to the Jello gelatin and pudding mixes. Cheesecakes are usually on the top shelf. I can discern no difference in taste or texture, regardless of what brand I have made. That is why I opt for the least expensive option.

Prices range from $2 to $3 or so. You'll need two tablespoons of sugar and four tablespoons of butter, plus one and a half cups of water.

That's it from the cheesecake factory aka (also known as) Seaweed. I thank you for reading.

Does anyone else make the instant cheesecakes?
Do you prefer the ones with a topping, or plain?

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