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23 September 2016. Fast Window Curtains (a thrift store recycle)


Here in St. Pete one of my favorite things to do is visit thrift shops. It is amazing the number of items that flow through those doors. Some move aboard Seaweed. I have been making a concerted effort to immediately use whatever I acquire. This past week I took $2 and turned it into two window curtains plus one valance the same day I brought the purchase home. Here is how I did it:

First I found the fabric. It was one of those fancy window dressings that folks drape casually over a curtain rod. I'd call it a window scarf. As for me, I liked the colors. The cloth has a beach-like motif with fish, waves, sun, giant leaves and coconut palm trees.

You may notice in the above picture my 3x5 card with dimensions written on it. I keep that tucked into my purse so when I'm out I can verify that what I buy will suffice size-wise. I told you about that system in the
3x5 Cards article.

I also have a small tape measure in my purse. It's very convenient and light weight enough to be easy to carry. When I want to confirm size or dimensions of an item having a retractable ruler along makes life simple.

Checking my notes I realized I had a winner. My galley window is 42 by 28 inches. The fabric was 42 inches wide. Three sides were already hemmed the size I needed. There was even a place to slide my curtain rod. I just had to whack off the bottom and hem that edge.

I cut the fabric 30 inches long so when I sewed the seam it would hide the cut edge. First I folded the 42" long fabric edge up 1/2 inch. Then I did it again. Next I stitched down the middle. The cut edge that might fray is now inside the seam/hem.

This is not perfectly straight however it is good enough.

I also made a small curtain for the aft window in my galley over the microwave.

That window is 12 x 22". I measured a piece of the leftover fabric two inches larger all around. Then I did the same rolled hem as described above to create a matching curtain. I'm sure you can see the problem as shown in the above photo.

The fabric is so sheer it does not do much good at shading the interior of my boat.
Where I failed was in not noticing this fabric is very thin. It will not keep out the sun so as a shade it fails.

From the outside looking in the window by my cockpit door:

It does keep out prying eyes. Barely.

I had a bit more fabric and wanted to use it up. Aft of my dinette there is a big window. I generally have a valance there to cover the top of the window and screen. I used the same galley fabric and made a new valance.

As you can see in the above photo my sheer fabric is fine and dandy when there is a solid wall behind it. Sunlight is the kicker. At this point I am not as happy as I could be with the project. Though better than what was there before this is definitely not a Forever Keeper. Thank goodness it was just two dollars.

Such is life. Everything doesn't have to be a winner. Trying is usually better than doing nothing. Now I'm smarter. The fabric I choose next time will not be quite so sheer.

Happy cruising to you and yours. Remember if you see my boat underway say "hello" on Channel 16. I'm always listening.

Have you ever bought curtains that seemed "just right" and didn't turn out to be so?
Do you buy the material at a fabric store or enjoy the thrill of the hunt at a thrift store?

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2016, 2023

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