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Date: 31 December 2015. Time Flies.
Guest author Peggie Hall, Head Mistress.

This vignette is for The Writer's Block. The piece was written by a lady I have come to respect over the years. Peggie Hall is most generous with her head knowledge. When an associate turned 35 years old Peggie wrote this. It tickles my fancy and I hope yours as well.

Peggie, a while back...

To be 35 again...it's all downhill from here. In what you'll be SURE couldn't have been more than year from now, you'll be 40...3 months after that AARP will surprise you with the news that "now you're 50 and eligible for membership" ...60 a month later...and the following week you'll start receiving junk mail from every Medicare supplement provider in the country reminding you that you're about turn 65. 3 days later your birthday cake will have 70 candles on it...and you'll realize it's true:  inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened!

I dunno who came up with this one on on aging, but I love it: When people ask me if I thought I'd ever be this old, I answer, "oh yes...but I thought it would take a LOT longer!"


The End.

Peggie @ 73

Peggie Hall, Head Mistress

Addendum from me... Peggie is truly one of the most generous people I know. Of course she was a boater for many years.  She became THE Expert in marine sanitation. Truly, folks who have a problem with their head, the hoses, the smells (eew!) have come to rely on The Head Mistress aka Peggie Hall for advice. She names names (speaks specifically about products, the good, bad and ugly) and provides advice for all of us. She is definitely one of the Good Guys. And yes, I do recommend purchasing her book. J.



Get Rid of Boat Odors

by Peggie Hall, author
Specializing in marine sanitation since 1987

Get Rid of Boat Odors


Affiliate link


Peggie Hall penned "The" book on heads, holding tanks and all things sanitation aboard a boat. She's been online generously sharing her experience and knowledge for many years.

If you have questions about your head such as:

  • Why it doesn't work?

  • Should be replaced?

  • Is it better to repair?

  • What brands are best?

  • Holding tank size?
  • What is that smell?

Buy and read the book: Get Rid of Boat Odors



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