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Date: 6 July 2018. Fancy Egg Salad.


Eggs are inexpensive. I eat them a lot. For get-togethers and pot lucks I always bring deviled eggs. Folks like them and I do too. When making deviled eggs I sometimes have rejects. Those are the ones that don't peel well. They are placed into a spare bowl for improvement. Today I share the recipe for my Fancy Egg Salad.

Fancy egg salad with corn and fresh cherries is a tasty lunch on these hot summer days.

As you may remember from the A Day of Reckoning (the diet) article, last year I started a weight loss regime. I am eating better. My improved egg salad has fewer calories by volume than standard egg salad, and more roughage.

Side Note to youngsters: Someday roughage may be important to you too!

The Ingredients:

Fresh ingredients include hard-boiled eggs, coleslaw aka shredded cabbage, and scallions.

Rather than using mayonnaise as a binder I prefer Ranch salad dressing.


I used to purchase Classic Ranch by Kraft in the 3.2 ounce packages at Walmart for just $1. Yes, this is more expensive than the larger containers.

Often on a boat there is limited space for storage. I buy smaller packages even though they may be more per ounce simply because they fit where I need them to be.

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These eggs originally were supposed to be deviled. When the peeling is dreadful, I separate the yolks from the white part. Then I mash the yolk. Finally I chop the egg white into chunks.

To put together my Fancy Egg Salad simply mix equal amounts of
coleslaw (shredded raw cabbage) with chopped hard-boiled eggs.

I buy the packages of of coleslaw in the produce section of Walmart. It is $1.79. That is about the price of a whole cabbage. For someone like me a bag of shredded cabbage is convenient. Plus if it is easy, I will eat it.

More and more these days I seek out the simplest solutions.

The shredded cabbage is a decadent convenience food. After mixing it 50/50 with my chopped hard-boiled egg I add Ranch Dressing. It took approximately one tablespoon to be the correct consistency. Finally I topped off the salad with some scallions.

Finally I added some fresh raw corn to my plate. I break the kernels off the cob.

In the wintertime I would probably cook the corn. Not so in the summertime. I am leaning towards as much chilled food as possible. Staying cool is important.

You have NO IDEA how wonderful it is to have refrigeration. I remember being up the coast and miserably hot at anchor... too hot to even get into the dinghy and come ashore to buy ice! Now that does not happen. I have enough solar panels and batteries to run my refrigerator all the time.

Life is good afloat. It is especially wonderful when you can enjoy cold beverages with ice while on or off the grid. I am fortunate and wish the same for you. For me, this level of decadence has made a world of difference in my happiness quotient. I truly am blessed.

Side Note:  My deviled egg recipes can be found in the Pots and Pans Primer article and in the vignette After Easter (pot luck idea)

Happy boating, and thanks for reading.

Do you have a special deviled egg recipe you could share?
And, does your diet change by virtue of the season?


2018, 2023

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